Wednesday, August 29, 2012



After a long hiatus due many different reasons, could not resist posting a photographs of a few pookalams I had the pleasure of seeing today on the occasion of Onam celebrations

Here are the Pookalams

This is right in front of our block in our colony. I saw the neighbours painstakingly arranging the flowers at 11 pm last night.

This is in block opposite to our ours.

I loved this lotus!

I thought this was a very colourful pookalam

This is at Indu/Anil's house where I had a great sadya today!
Thank you Indu!

The best is for the end,  neighours on the floor above mine make it a point to do a pookalam on the 2nd floor corridor every Onam. This year it was a beauty with the boat race in it!

Happy Onam!