Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vamana & Bhoothana

Vamana & Bhoothana

Strange connection, isn’t it? We all know Bhoothana as the demoness in Krishanavathara who tried to kill Baby Krishna by feeding him poisoned milk.

This morning’s episode of Vijay TV Bhakthi Thiruvizha gave me a glimpse of an earlier janma of Bhoothana which I would like to share here.

Vijay TV has started telecasting the Bhakthi Thiruvizha which took place in Srirangam earlier this month. This morning was the first discourse in this series rendered by Jaya Srinivasan .

Bhoothana as we all know was one in the long list of demons deployed by Kamsa to kill Lord Krishna growing up in Gokulam.

In her earlier janma Bhoothana was born as Mahabali’s daughter by name Rathnamala.
Mahabali was performing the yagna and Guru Sukracharya noticed a very bright light at a distance. As he was wondering what the bright light was, it kept coming closer. He realised that the light was emanating from a 3 feet tall Brahmin boy holding an umbrella. As the boy came closer, all present at the yagna looked at him in awe. He was such a handsome boy, with intelligence radiating from him. Rathnamala felt so much of love for the boy that she wanted to make him sit on her lap and shower her love on him. Things happened in a flash and Mahabali was pressed into the netherworld by Vamana who had taken viswaroopam. All her love for Vamana turned into hatred and Rathnamala wanted to kill the boy. 

Rathnamala’s wish to first cuddle the boy and then to kill the boy was granted together in Krishnavathara by the episode of Bhoothana feeding Krishna and trying to kill him!