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The fourth programme was Rama avatharam by Desa Mangayarkarasi.

When I saw the programme list I felt it was quite unusual for Desa Mangayarkarasi to speak on Rama avatharam instead of her usual authoritative speeches on Lord Muruga,
But she was knowledgeable on this too with quotes on Rama by Arunagiriyar.

She started with the description of the kingdom of Ayodhya by Kambar where he says that the conch is dozing in water, buffalo in the fields, bee in the flower garland and Mahalakshmi on lotus.

The conch is dozing because it is not disturbed by the buffalo that is lazing in the fields instead of the usual way of sitting in the water to cool itself. The bee is sleeping in the flower garland as he is full with nectar from one flower and did not find the need to go in search of many flowers. The most fertile land had such huge flowers that the nectar from a single flower was enough for the bee. People were happy and contented and were not behind Mahalakshmi with their requests. Hence Mahalakshmi was resting on her lotus with not much work to do! So prosperous was the kingdom of Ayodhya!

Dasaratha was the king who ruled Ayodhya. Dasa + ratha = the man who overcame all the ten evils that a man could have! He was no ordinary man, he was so great and hence the name Dasaratha. Dasaratha was worried that his great Ishvaku vamsam will end with him and went in search of his Guru Vashishtar for advice. Vashishtar asked him to get in touch with Kalaikotu munivar to perform the Putrakameshti yagam which will give Darasatha a son. Kalikotu munivar was Dasaratha’s son-in-law in a way as he was married to Saanthai a daughter of Dasaratha who was adopted by Romapathar.

Kalaikotu munivar performed the Putrakameshti yagam and in the end, a Deva came out of the yagna with a pot of payasam. Dasaratha gave Kaushalya and Kaikeyi half each and they in turn gave half of their share to Sumitra. All of them conceived and after 12 months, under the star of Punarvasu Lord Rama was born. Bharatha was born under the star Poosam to Kaikeyi, Lakshmana under the star Ayilyam and Shatrughna under the star Makam to Sumitra.

Kaushalya was a great woman – the moment Dasaratha married Kaikeyi, she gave him up to Kaikeyi. The moment Rama was born, she gave her son to Kaikeyi. Rama was brought up with great and love and affection especially by Kaikeyi!

Here Desa Mangayarkarasi brought in Arunagirinathar’s description of the bringing up of Rama:

Kaikeyi is feeding Rama, she adoringly calls him “maindha va, en magane va”. She went on to explain the various terms we use in Tamizh to describe a son.

Balakan (பாலகன்) – a boy who is innocent and ignorant irrespective of age
Magan (மகன் )  – a boy who takes responsibility of his family totally
Pillai (பிள்ளை) – a boy who is irresponsible and selfish
Maindhan  (மைந்தன்)- a boy who takes care not only his own parents but also his extended family – uncles and aunts

She went on to describe how Kambar narrated Viswamitra’s request to Dasaratha to send Rama with him. Rama is about twelve years old and Viswamitra comes to Dasaratha’s court. Dasaratha runs to the door to welcome him. A pleased Viswamitra right away appreciates Vashishta for being a good Guru to Ayodhya. He goes on to appreciate Dasaratha’s ruling of Ayodhya and slowly brings out his request. The moment Viswamitra says that he needs an able man to take care of the disturbances to his Yagnam, Dasaratha offers to send a soldier, his commander-in-chief and even offers to go himself. Viswamitra rejects all and says there is still a more able man and says he wants only Rama. With great reluctance Dasaratha agrees to send Rama with him and Lakshmana who follows Rama like a shadow joins him. Viswamitra promises to bring Rama back safe and takes leave of Dasaratha.

Here is the you tube link of this programme:



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  2. Amazing insights about King Dasaratha and Rama. Lovely! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. nice to read the article on rama avatharam bu desa mangaiyarkarasi.
    It will be helpful if you add the date on which it was telecast and also if it has a you tube link you can add the link so that we can hear them directly also

    1. Thank you Mr.Krishnamurthy
      This programme is yet to be telecast on TV. I happened to attend the programme when it happened in Narada Gana Sabha.
      You tube link is not yet available as it is yet to be telecast. Will update details as and when I hear about the telecast details and also upload you tube link
      Have updated you tube link for the programme already telecast

  4. will i get a download copy....

    1. Hello Archana, have added youtube link of the programme. Dont have any downloaded version with me