Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rangoli competition in our colony

Rangoli competition

Anybody entering our colony today would have wondered if Margazhi had come many months early. It was so colourful with different rangolis. These beautiful rangolis were done by the residents of the colony for the rangoli competition which is part of Women’s day celebration.

I was seriously watching Sachin batting and the sudden smell of rain made me wonder if it has started raining in Chennai today. I peeped out of balcony to notice water being sprinkled all over the pathway to get it ready for the rangoli competition.
In about 15 minutes time, the place was abuzz with ladies and kids ready to have a look at the contestants and their artistic skills.

First began the Ther kolam. 

On the other side there was a beautiful peacock drawn making me think if the peacock drawn in the white chalk powder is so beautiful how will the final rangoli be!

Another lady was busily drawing the dots with perfection!

There were a few free hand drawings too with a round shape in the centre and getting developed concentrically!

The organizer, other ladies and our President were walking up and down to have a look at the progress as the contestants were busy drawing swift lines and filling up with rangoli amidst the excited kids who were eager to give colouring ideas to their mothers and neighbour aunties!

A time limit of two hours was fixed for the competition but the judges were quite lenient
In fact a couple of contestants joined the contest quite late but were quick to complete.

I walked up and down taking photographs of the progress and found the colouring methods used by the ladies very impressive!

Finally after giving a grace time of more than 15 minutes and waiting for all the contestants to complete their rangolis, the judge announced that time was up and the winners were declared promptly

Here are the twelve colourful rangolis

The stunning jewel-like peacock was a clear winner. The colour combination used by this contestant Dharani was very catchy as the rangoli powder was mixed with salt and glitter powder

The second price went to Senthilselvi whose rangoli was that of four parrots on four branches. The way she had bordered around the parrots with a blue colour looked very attractive and was like a carpet

The third price was given to Sangeetha for the three dimensional effect rangoli. She had mixed salt in some colours and rice in others which made it a very different type of rangoli

As the judge rightly said all the rangolis looked beautiful, but as it is a contest a prize has to be announced which need not necessarily mean that the others were not worthy of prizes!

Kudos to the organizers and the contestants!


  1. Wonderful pictures.The peacock rangoli is a stunner.More than winning ,it is in the particpation and the mingling with each other that there is joy.Thank you,Lakhsmi

  2. Your colony members must be thrilled that their Rangolis are saved for posterity by you! KUDOS! A superb write up with excellent pictures Lakshmi. I felt that I had personally taken a trip round your colony on the day of the competition! Keep up the great work :D

  3. peacock rangoli is beautiful but 3 dimensional was stunning. La very good pictures

  4. Hey, is this by any chance Marvel Apoorva Apts. in Ramapuram !