Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TV programme

Morning on Jaya TV, for Marghazi they telecast Sri Vittaldas Maharaj’s upanyasam for about 10-15 min everyday. This morning’s (29.12.2009) episode was beautiful.

Mahavishnu is sitting on Adhiseshan with Mahalakshmi nearby. The Maharishis come for darshan and start crying on seeing the Lord. Mahalakshmi wonders why they cry, all these days they have been craving for darshan and now on receiving it, shouldn’t they be happy? She wonders why they are crying instead.

The explanation given by Sri Vittaldas: Mahalakshmi does not know how it is to be away from the Lord, because she is always in his heart. On the day she came out of the Paarkadal, she landed in his heart and has been there all the time. Even during Vamana Avathaaram when the Lord took the form of a Brahmin boy, she was there and he hid her with his melvasthiram (something similar to a dupatta worn by men). The Lord had promised Indra that he will give Mahabali’s kingdom and wealth to him. If he had not hidden Mahalakshmi with his melvasthiram, Mahabali would have had her blessings and the Lord couldn’t have kept his promise to Indra.   

An example: A mother leaves the child in the care of the grandparents and goes to work. The child gets up; notices that the mother is not there and cries for some time. Once distracted by toys, the child stops crying and is okay. In the evening, as soon as the mother comes home, the child cries again seeing her. It may be a strange sight, but the child has missed the mother so much, that it cries on seeing her. That is how the Maharishis cry on the Lord’s darshan.

Parents’ blessings: Nowadays, it has become the duty of grandparents to take care of their grandchildren as both the parents go out for work. Instead of being a pleasure, it has been forced on the old people now. The best way to remove the pressure is for the couple to fall at the feet of their parents every morning before going out so that they are blessed. Also involve the old people in day-to-day activities at home and important decision-making so that they don’t think of taking care of the children as a duty but as a joy.

You can catch this programme all days of Marghazi at 610 am on Jaya TV. His Bhakta Vijayam discourse is being telecast on all Sundays at 6 am. Here is a short bhajan  http://vittaldas.com/audio/GovindaGiridhari.mp3


  1. This looks great. Keep it up. And an audio and all, huh! Excellent! Lots of love, Sun

  2. Hi Lakshmi,

    Very nicely put it on here. Great Value; will remember and nourish it in my family.

  3. Thnkgod u r bak finally! Each and every word got registered in my mind and the blessings part was d most enjoyed :) thnq

  4. Nice pick. Simple, yet with such powerful message. Great work Luk