Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Morninglenthu pesi pesi en vaai valikarathu” (my jaws are aching due to so much of talking from morning) my boss looked at me strangely as I usually don’t speak such long sentences to him in Tamizh.

My first working day in the New Year started like this:

I had received from our printer the proof of the new packaging material we are making for our buyer in France. It is full of French, German and Dutch – right from product description to the recipe with a list of ingredients to be used along with the material we are supposed to put in the packaging.

By checking, I mean that I just compare the artwork sent by our buyer with the proof sent by the printer to ensure that the strange markings - ˆ ´ ` are put in the right places and the nutrition facts are printed correctly. This is apart from checking the colour, picture, production/best before date etc.

1. To our Malayali printer: Good Morning Mr. Sadiq, Happy New year, the proof is okay, I am sending you a confirmation, please go ahead with printing.

2. To our Malayali Muslim supervisor: Mr.Shanavas, kaise hain, aap kab Bhimavaram jaa sakthe hain? Packaging Friday thak ready hoyega, lekin thoda packer se baat karke production jaldi complete karneko boliye. (Mr.Shanavas, how are you, When can you go to Bhimavaram? Packaging will get ready by Friday; but please speak to the packer and ask them to speed up production)

3. To our Telugu packer’s office: Bhooshan garu unnara, ledha, yeppudu ostharu? (Is Mr. Bhooshan there, not there? When is he expected?)

4. Talk with Tamil QC in packer’s office: Mr. Nagaraju, Mr, Bhooshan eppa varuvar? Evalo cartons readynu kekkanum. Vandha phone panna solrengala? (Mr. Nagaraju, when is Mr. Bhooshan expected? Would like to know how many cartons are ready. Can you please ask him to call me?)

5. Follow up with our Cochin office regarding Printer: Kuttan, Sadiqenda officela poi, innala courier cheydhalla, aa carton kaanichu, thirichu officela kondu varanum (Kuttan, please go to Sadiq’s office, show him the carton we couriered to you yesterday and bring it back)

Not only my jaws ached trying different languages from morning but I also got confused and made the above statement to my boss!

Hope I have more opportunities to improve my vocabulary in all these languages and learn more this year!

Happy New Year!


  1. I am smiling as i read the blog. Very interesting! I can quite relate to your experience while feeling fascinated. Super Super ma! :D
    (I will not say Keep it up, as you already are doing so)

  2. I always felt I should have known more languages, but after reading your blog I feel I'm better off the way I am :)

  3. :) Good one. All d best. Thank god, we have to deal with clients/people haveing different mood & viewpoints & not languages.

  4. It is rightly said, "Silence is 'golden' and Speech is 'silver' or more succinctly,'mounam
    sarvaartha sathakam'"!But in the 'mundane world
    of a job', Silence cant work!Indeed nice to read!

  5. Hey Multilinguist, very nice to read your blog. It is quite interesting & funny. Continue with the good job.

  6. Well written, enjoyed the write-up :):)


  7. good one...
    i was also finding it too difficult to read..

  8. It is funny & good.
    enjoyed it.
    Lak other than our indian languages try & learn some foreign languages too.
    all the best.