Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Maha Deeksha I - part 2

Mind has two layers
Conscious mind – processes 2000 bits of information in a second
Unconscious mind – processes 400 crore bits of information in a second

Conscious mind
This stores the day-to-day things like name, address, numbers etc

Unconscious mind
Unconscious mind stores all the forgotten things (by the conscious mind) and the negative emotions
Anything that has happened in one’s life – important or unimportant, big or small, positive or negative - is stored in the unconscious mind
The unconscious mind is compulsive, repetitive and destructive

If you do not want to see your inner truth, all the junk becomes unconscious mind
If you do not see your inner truth it becomes
a) Guilt
b) Fear
c) Negative thoughts
d) Financial problems,
e) Health problems
f) Relationship problems and
g) Karma

If somebody says you are a coward, you do not like it and the mind tends to find faults with the person who said that. You should see inside yourself and understand that may be you are a coward. The moment this is done, cowardice goes away from you and you become courageous. When you look within yourself and understand you are a coward, it does not make you feel inferior but makes you come out of that quality and become courageous.

There is only one mind which is called the Ancient Mind. All the thoughts we get are actually stored in the collective conscious mind and we just tune into one of those thoughts. The thoughts we have are not ours.
For example, people in Hastinapur still have the qualities of Duryodana.

If you believe in God, you just pray to him
If you have faith in God, you are sure that you will get whatever you ask
If you are discovering God, you are ready to do anything for God
Example for discovering God – Once Hanuman noticed that Sita had Sindoor on her forehead. As he did not know what it was, he asked Sita. Sita was not sure how to explain, so she just said that she wears it because Rama likes it.
Rama was sitting in meditation and when he heard a loud noise as though somebody jumped. He opened his eyes and saw Hanuman fully covered with Sindoor. Rama asked Hanuman about this and he said, “Sita said you like it, that’s why I applied it all over my body”.
Such was Hanuman’s love for Rama.


Problems are different from sufferings
There are two types of problems
1. real problem
2. created problem

If one has a health condition, it is a real problem
Because of the health condition, if he starts thinking that people will ill treat or ignore him, it is a created problem

Real problems have solutions

1. Take decision – that you are going to come out of the problem
For example, most of the time, people do not want to come out of the problem. Unless you decide that you want to come out of the problem, you cannot go to the next step
If you have health condition, you should decide that you want to come out of it. If you have a financial problem, you should decide to come out of it

2. Acquire knowledge or skill – to solve it
For example, in the case of a health condition, find out how it can be treated. In case of financial problem, find out how you can solve it – ways and means – business or loan or job etc

3. Face the risk – there is always a risk when you try to solve the problem
For example, in the case of a health condition, there is always a risk that treatment may not work. In case of a financial problem, there is always a risk that your business will not work out.

Created problems do not have solutions.
The mind only creates these problems which actually do not exist.
Mind is a businessman, it does not do anything without profit
1. Created problem becomes a habit leading to imbalance in personality
2. Created problem makes you move away from the real problem leading to the real problem being unresolved
3. Yath Bhavam, Thath bhavathi – the feelings you have when you have created problems will convert it into a real problem.

90% of man’s problems are created
One should have awareness of the created problem to come out of it.


1. Vaasthu
Vaasthu is a very familiar term nowadays and is followed by almost everybody.

2. Relationship
We have already gone through the importance of relationship and its influence on
one’s life in part I.

3. Karma
Karma is nothing but “as you sow, so you reap, but many times over” – meaning when you do something good, it returns to you manifold and when you do something bad, again it returns to you manifold.
This is not God’s punishment, but the Law of this Universe.

4. Pithru
Pithru means one’s ancestors. It is very important to have the blessings of one’s predecessors. We have to pray for the moksham of all our ancestors so that they attain moksham and give us their blessings.
This exercise can be done anytime one feels that he has a problem in his life because of the lack of blessings of any particular ancestor.

God’s Grace

God’s grace comes either as a solution or dissolution to your real problems
If you have a financial need for something, the solution will be to give you money and the dissolution will be to remove the need.

One must pray to God for your needs as below:

1. Clarity – about what you want
a) you should really want it
a) you should not ask for it for the sake of competing or in comparison with others
b) see your inner integrity in your need
c) focus on the solution and not on the problem
for example if you need money, ask God for money and don’t keep on saying, I don’t have money, which will create only that situation where you will not have money

2. Visualisation with emotion
a) Imagine the solution
b) Imagine as if it has already happened
For example, if you are praying for a job, imagine you already have the job

3. Detailed description
- describe your need in detail
For example, if you are praying for a car, imagine as though you already have the red coloured, maruti zen which has all the facilities you want (a.c, stereo, tv etc etc) and you are driving it with your family sitting with you

4. Surrender
- pray in detail as above and surrender to God

5. Gratitude
- Thank God for giving it to you. You should have enough faith in God to thank him immediately after praying for it even before God actually grants your wish

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  1. Hi, Great blog in conclusion to Part I. Thank you for sharing the teachings. Your attention to details is just amazing!
    In reply to Shekhar's comment on Part I - those who want to attend the course will feel more encouraged to go ahead after reading the teachings. Those who don't intend attending will at least benefit a little by these details. Each man chooses his own path and I am sure God knows his job. Just reading books never made one a graduate. I am sure we all understand that we need to attend school, college and give exams for the same. This is a book. If it helps whet someone's appetite to go to college, then nothing like it. :)