Thursday, May 20, 2010



How far are people ready to reach out in helping their kith and kin financially - Over the decades

Here are some illustrations

Scenario I – Year 1990

Ramu and Somu are brothers, sons of Seetha. Ramu is in need of money to complete the construction of his house. Though both the families are middle-class, Somu happens to have some spare money at that moment from the sale of some shares. Ramu is not aware that Somu has money to spare and he is trying other sources. Seetha is aware of Ramu’s need, but advises Somu not to give money to Ramu! When Ramu’s family gets to know of this, it creates a huge rift between the two families. Finally, Somu does give the money to Ramu but the relationship is not set right.

This could have alternatively been dealt with in three different ways:

1.      Seetha need not have interfered in her sons’ affairs
2.      Ramu need not have made an issue of the fact that Somu did not volunteer to help
3.      Somu could have voluntarily helped when he first came to know about Ramu’s need.

But people do not act the way others want them to, but in the way they wish, which is but natural!

Scenario II – Year 2000

Brothers Ramesh and Mahesh are a close knit family and stay in the same area in Coimbatore.  Ramesh had taken a fairly big amount as loan from Mahesh over a period of 2-3 years when he had had a tough time with his kids’ education expenses. Now Mahesh’s daughter is about to be married and Mahesh could definitely use the money if Ramesh returns it. Ramesh keeps quiet about it. Mahesh is confident that Ramesh will return the money, does not even question him and keeps the relationship intact.

One of the following things would have made the situation different:

1.      Mahesh could have demanded Ramesh to return his loan
2.      Ramesh could have voluntarily returned the loan

But people do not act the way others want them to, but in the way they wish, which is but natural!

Scenario III – Year 2010

Vinay and Uday are cousins. Vinay is holding a very good position in a private bank for the last two years. Uday wants to do engineering, but his parents are not able to afford it. In spite of being only a few years elder to Uday, Vinay voluntarily comes forward to sponsor his cousin’s education as he is a deserving candidate doing very well in studies.

What could have happened is this:

       Vinay could have turned a blind eye to his cousin’s needs. After all, his cousin is not Vinay’s responsibility.
But people do not act the way others want them to, but in the way they wish, which is but natural!

Over the decades, people seem to have become better in helping their blood! 
Makes us hope that humans are becoming better and better!


  1. Finally, a blog after so long! And an interesting one that sets one thinking. And I agree with you that people are changing for the better. The illustrations are very well thought out and written. Kudos :D

  2. I am not sure whether people are changing for better.The human traits remain the same.I know of many cases where in the past poor children were fed in affluent houses on turn basis(vaara sappadu) and educational expenses met.I don't see such munificence these days.The point is both good natured and insensitive people are there at all times.
    The post dwells on the need to extend help even without asking as also the requirement to be grateful to those who helped.

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