Monday, March 14, 2011

Women's day gala in the colony

Women's day Gala

The Rangoli competition was followed by the Women’s day gala yesterday.
The stalls were put up on Saturday itself and right from morning many residents including me were peeping in to see if the stalls are getting filled.
At 10 am, I could see about 5-6 stalls which increased by the hour and ended up with a total of more than 20 by noon. There was a general lull in the afternoon with the maximum crowd in the foodstall which took care of the sales people’s lunch. By 4.30 pm the whole colony was down at the stalls looking at the different products available for sale!

 The products varied right from cars to toys for kids. with scooty, cycles, computers, invertors, water purifiers, tata photon whiz, whirlpool products, roti making machines, summer camp, herbal products from Amirthanandamayi mission, cosmetic products from Oriflame and a few other companies, a variety of products from Amway, Tupperware containers, household cleaning solutions, salwars and bedspreads, kids clothes, fancy jewellery, readymade custard powders and rice mixes, caps & purses, plants and so on.

Car stall

Scooty stall


Health care products

Tortilla - roti maker


Herbal products from Amritanandamayi mission





Stall selling bags, caps and purses

Household cleaning solutions

Oriflame products


Tata photon

Fancy jewellery

Amway products

Clothes for kids

Summer camp with a sample work on display

Salwars, bedspreads etc
People looking at the stalls

The food counter had a huge space and took care of the evening snacks of chat, boli, tea, coffee and fruity and also dosa/chapatti for dinner.

Food counter 

Chaats available

As a few of the organizers were trying to conduct games for children, ladies from the Oriflame stall came forward to conduct games for the ladies as this was Women’s day special. They had quite a few games in which we ladies took part enthusiastically!
They gave out Oriflame kits as prizes too!

A game where the ladies were asked to burst others' baloons

Game where the ladies were asked to call out their team names and join the team!

Game where the best impression of lips on paper won the first prize, right side the men are judging
The best dressed lady was chosen by Oriflame and Mrs. Parvathy won the prize!

Singing ability of a few ladies also came out in the open as they were requested to show their talent!

The kids were restless as they did not have much activity. Hence the car stall people conducted a couple of games for them to keep them engaged

Kids enjoying !
The snack counter was full of people trying to have a bite of the chaat items between the fun activity!

Prizes for the rangoli competition were also distributed with special prizes for the first three places and participation prize for all the contestants!

Finally a few kids danced to the film music and it was good fun to watch

All in all it was a very entertaining day!


  1. Appears to have been a huge gala event! Great pics! Wonderful write up too. This looks like a regular fair happening in town. Do outsiders come for this too?

  2. Hi Lakshmi amma!!! Its nice to meet you....i was searching for some traditional Milagu kulambu...that time i came across your website...when i was browsing...i found this page....looks of the stall...u mentioned Health products....its kind of Our company....nice to see the picture here.

    Thanks for posting...thanks for you lovely recipe.