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Krishna stories

Krishna stories

This is a little late for Krishna Jayanthi, but stories of Krishna never cease to spread cheer and happiness.

I would like to share a couple of cute stories I heard from the life of Lord Krishna in Gokulam amidst the Gopikas and in the love of Yashoda.

In the morning, Little Krishna wakes up to the sound of churning butter. Ever thrilled to see the half-awake Krishna, Yashoda greets him and the Lord walks sleepily to sit on his mother’s lap. Yashoda lovingly feeds Krishna. Suddenly she remembers that she has kept the milk on the stove. She leaves Krishna and rushes to the kitchen. Upset and angry that his mother left him halfway through the feed, Krishna kicks the pot of curd which Yashoda was churning and the curd flows on the courtyard.

The shocked Yashoda, threatens to tie Krishna to a pillar. Krishna keeps a sorry face and mock apologizes to his mother. He is the one who made the rule and hence has to follow it, the rule here being “the wrong-doer has to be punished”. Yashoda cajoles Krishna to help her tie him! The ever-obedient Krishna listens to his mother and allows to be tied to the pillar.


Shree Ananthapadmanabhacharyar narrated this story with a mimicry dialogue between the Lord and Yashoda. He also went on to explain the song “Ee yera malai kulungum”  "ஈ ஏற மலை குலுங்கும்" (mountain shakes under the weight of a fly climbing on it) by Kalamega Pulavar.

Kalamega Pulavar was given the above phrase and was asked to sing a song on it. Pulavar sang a beautiful verse explaining - Yashoda tied Krishna so many times that there was a wound on his waist. A fly sits on the raw wound and Krishna tries to shake it off. This Lord holds the whole Universe in him and the moment he shakes, the Universe, our Earth in it and the mountain on this Earth shakes, thereby explaining the phrase “ee yera malai kulungum

Another story by Thamal Ramakrishnan:

Here the Gopikas complain to Yashoda that Krishna steals butter from all their houses. Yashoda does not believe this as Krishna is with her all through the day. One Gopika is determined to prove that Krishna is a thief. She ties a bell to the butter pot before hanging it in the ceiling. She also keeps her doors open for Krishna to come and steal.

After a few rounds in the other houses in Gokulam, Krishna and his gang come to this Gopika’s house. Surprised to see the doors open, Krishna enters quietly and his friends promptly bend to stand one on top of other to enable Krishna to climb above them to reach the pot. Krishna notices the bell hanging. He promptly holds the bell’s clapper (tongue), takes the butter out and distributes it to his friends. After they have their fill, Krishna releases the bell clapper. He goes on to tell the bell, “I am going to use both my hands to take out the butter and eat my fill. You must be still and not make noise” The bell nods its agreement.

When Krishna puts both his hands inside the pot, takes out the butter and puts in his mouth, the bell rings loudly. Krishna scolds the bell and it replies meekly, “But Krishna, I am used to ringing when offerings are made to God and hence could not help myself.”

Alerted by the bell, the Gopika catches Krishna and takes him to Yashoda. She is holding Krishna’s hand in one of her own and the butter pot in the other. Being dragged at a speed, Krishna asks her to slow down as he is not able to keep up with her pace. As she is in a hurry to complain to Yashoda, the Gopika carries Krishna on her hip and makes him hold the pot. Krishna finds this position very convenient to finish off the balance butter in the pot!

The Gopika reaches Krishna’s house and calls for Yashoda asking her to come and see what she has brought! Yashoda comes out followed by a very cute looking Krishna.

Shocked to see Krishna with Yashoda, the Gopika checks her hip to find her own son sitting there! Such was maya Krishna’s presence all over Gokulam!


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