Friday, July 8, 2011

TV Programme - Vijay TV Bhakti Thiruvizha

TV Programme - Vijay TV Bhakti Thiruvizha

Yesterday’s episode of Bhakti Thiruvizha (Vijay TV) moved me to tears.

Professor Ilampirai Manimaran has been talking for the past four days on different stories from The Mahabharata. It is always very nice to hear the stories of Mahabharata.

Being Bhakti Thiruvizha, it has been basically about Lord Krishna’s part in the epic, but today, the concluding episode was about Karnan. It was not his full life history, but in general about what he is famous for – his generosity. 

Arjunan has beaten Karnan, but he is still alive. Arjuna is tired of piercing Karnan with his arrows, but he is not yet dead. Arjunan says so to his sarathy, Lord Krishna. Krishna with his mysterious smile says he will sort out the problem. He takes the form of an old Brahmin and goes to Karnan for alms. When Karnan feels sorry for his inability to give the Brahmin anything in the battlefield, Lord Krishna asks Karnan to give away all his good karma as alms. Without hesitation Karnan not only gives away all his good karma as dhaanam, but also gives away the good karma he will get because of giving away all his good karma when he is about to die! The Lord gives Karnan darshan and grants him his wish - how many ever janmas Karnan takes, he will be as generous as he is in this janmam as Karnan!
Lord Krishna comes back to Arjunan and instructs him to aim an arrow at Karnan now.

The Professor went on to explain how pathetic Karnan’s life was

The most important persons in one’s life are Maatha (Mother), Pitha (Father), Guru (Teacher) and Deivam (God).
In Karnan’s life, his mother Kunti deserted him right after birth by putting him in a box and leaving it in the Ganges river
Father Surya Deva is in the sky and not of much help
Teacher Parasuramar taught him everything, but cursed that he will forget the most important asthra prayogamGod, Lord Krishna, joining the opposition, took away his good karma

She also mentioned about the song by Kaviarasar Kannadasan in the Tamizh movie Karnan about his charity
 மன்னவர் பொருட்களைக்   கை கொண்டு நீட்டுவார் மற்றவர் பணிந்துக்  கொள்வார்
மாமன்னன் கர்ணனோ தன் கரம் நீட்டுவான் மற்றவர் எடுத்துக்கொள்வார்
வலதுகை கொடுப்பதை இடது கை அறியாமல்  வைத்தவன் கர்ண வீரன்
வறுமைக்கு மறுமையை வைத்ததோர் மாமன்னன் வாழ்கவே வாழ்க வாழ்க!

Usually when people give anything, the donor’s hand is above and receiver’s below. But Karnan will hold things in his hand and the beneficiary can pick up what he needs from him. Such was his generosity!

Karnan will always be remembered for his charity and Mahabharata is incomplete without his story!


  1. welcome back :) I could never make up my mind about how I felt about Karnan. Perhaps I dont know enough about him, but he seemed flawless to the point of being non-human. Even with Dharmar and even the older folks - Bhishmar etc, you know *some* of their faults, making them human, and making it easier to both relate to them, and aspire to be more like them for their virtues. With Karnan, its all good, no bad - and I struggle with him. Should read up more and understand him better.
    Anyway, end of rant :).

  2. Good one Lak, keep it up!
    I have never felt very strongly about Karnan while young. Later, felt a bit excited on seeing Sivaji Ganeshan portraying the role. But soon, that too fell apart when I realised that his relationship with his wife was portrayed wrong. On the whole, have always felt sorry for the man - for joining the wrong side after being sent away by his young mother. But what an epic, The Mahabharata! Simply amazing :)

  3. do you have the link to that speech on karnan??if so pls post that
    Thanks in advance

  4. @ Anonymous - sorry I am not able to find any link to this post. I can find only programmes upto May 2011 updated on some sites. If i find this video in future, will send link to you

  5. sry actually iam not lying karnan is a wonderful person but the scene lord krishna takes a brahmin getup and asks for anything never hapened in mahabaratha it is only a mitos i have read the mahabaratha book after karnan died nothing happened execpt arjuna and his brothers went and saw karna on that night thats all i read viyasa bharatha rewritten by indian comedy actor soo go india and buy the book