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Colony programme - another gala day in the colony

Another gala day in the colony

8th April was yet another gala day at the colony with different programmes the whole day. The last few programmes have been organized by a professional company called Akshaya Events.

As I was preoccupied with other personal work, I had not been able to attend these programmes, but this time I was asked to take part in the cookery competition.

The programme began in the morning itself, but I was out and could not participate in the first half. When I went down around 4 pm, I could see the first few rows of chairs occupied by kids getting ready to watch the magic show.

There were many stalls around and I could see the snack stall also being set up.

I just checked out one magic performed by the magician with one of the colony boys and rushed back to get the snack ready for the cookery competition.

Here is the video of the magic the magician performed with one of the colony kids

I went down an hour later and was surprised to note about 17 entries for the competition. I have to mention here that there was no specific item or even the kind of meal (like lunch/snack/sweet etc) and hence the entries were wide. It ranged from pal paniyaram, sabudhana vada, pineapple pudding, milk shake, rice payasam, coconut poli, ambur briyani, a mutton dish, badam cake, carrot halwa, corn upma, fruit salad, butter puttu, halwa, paniyaram, naan-katai biscuits, kheer and tepla by yours truly.

Judges were TV fame Bell Bhaskar  and Abhinaya which I must say excited the Tamizh serial followers greatly! The judges teased the participants as they tasted the items and it was good fun. 
Bell Bhaskar

contestants lined up

Kids get to taste the items

Finally the results were announced and the first prize went to  Mrs. Banumathi  for naan-kataai biscuits. Mr. Bhaskar announced that the way this item was displayed in a ferrero rocher box has to be appreciated. The second prize went to Mrs. Shoba for pineapple pudding/sabudhana vada/milk shake. The prizes were coupons from Mega mart.


All participants were given participant prizes by Mother’s Recipe and JS Honda. There were surprise prizes for two well dressed ladies which were won by Mrs. Manju Bose and Mrs. Preetha!

On the other side, small games were conducted for kids. All had a great time enjoying the chaat and other snacks that were available at the food stall.

The cookery competition was followed by a music programme with some good Tamizh film songs being sung!

Kids enjoying

Kudos to Ms. Revathy of Akshaya Events for organizing events in our colony!

Ms. Revathy of Akshaya Events

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  1. very nice pics Lak! The people from your colony must be quite thrilled. You have posted so many of them. Your thepla looks yummy :)