Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nayanmar 8 - Enathinatha Nayanar

Enathinatha Nayanar (ஏனாதிநாத  நாயனார்)

Birthplace : Einanoor (Yenaanallur)
Star           : Purattasi Uthiradam

In the Chozha kingdom, Enathinatha Nayanar was an expert in swordfight. He ran a school where he taught the martial arts. Enathinatha Nayanar was a great Shiva bhaktha and helped the devotees of the Lord with his income. Due to Lord Shiva’s grace, the popularity of his teachings grew and students thronged his school.

Another sword fighter by name Athisooran was jealous of Enathinatha Nayanar. He challenged Enathinatha Nayanar to a sword fight and declared that the winner will continue to run Enathinathar’s school. Enathinathar accepted the challenge. There was a terrible fight and Enathinathar defeated Athisooran.

Even more resentful, Athisooran planned another attack on Enathinathar.

This time, knowing fully well that Enathinathar respected Shiva bhakthas, Athisooran smeared himself with the holy ash and stood in front of Enathinathar for the battle. Looking at Athisooran in the form of a Shiva bhaktha, Enathinatha Nayanar’s only thought was that a devotee of his Lord should not be attacked and he was about to throw his sword and shield away. But he also knew that Athisooran will definitely kill him and he did not want a Shiva bhaktha, though it was only a disguise, to commit the sin of killing an unarmed man. Hence he held his sword and shield as though in defense but let Athisooran attack and kill him.

Lord Shiva appeared in front of Enathinatha Nayanar and took him to heaven.


  1. Yet again an inspiring story of great devotion to the Lord and His devotees.Thank you Lakshmi

  2. One more story that I have never heard of. Thank you for sharing! You must be doing a lot of research for these blogs. Congrats! :D