Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nayanmar 24 - Saakiya Nayanar

Saakiya Nayanar (சாக்கிய நாயனார்) 

Birth place  : Thiruchangamangai
Star            : Margazhi Pooradam

A man from Thiruchangamangai near Kanchipuram was in search of God. He studied religions like Jainism and Buddhism. He had a liking of Buddhism and started following it. Buddhists were called Saakiyargal in Tamizh and this man also came to be called Saakiyar.

During his search, Saakiyar learned about Saivism. One day he saw a Shiva Lingam and he fell in love with Lord Shiva. He wanted to do puja for the Lingam at once but could not find any flowers nearby. There was only a brick lying there. He took the brick and threw it on the Lingam like archana with a flower. Saakiyar understood that it was the Lord’s will that he did archana with a brick. He decided to have darshan of the Lord everyday before eating food. He understood that the exterior appearance of the devotee does not matter to the Lord. So Saakiyar continued his Buddhist form. Everyday he went to the Shiva Lingam and religiously did archana with a brick. For the kind Lord, the brick puja was like a baby slapping the mother! Saakiyar continued this strange puja everyday. One day, by God’s will, Saakiyar forgot to visit the Shiva Lingam. As he was about to have his food, he remembered and rushed. As usual, he threw a brick at the Lord. Lord Shiva gave darshan to Saakiyar along with Goddess Parvathi and Saakiya Nayanar attained mukti.


  1. Nice story! Have heard it in bits and parts before. Thank you for bringing the whole thing under one umbrella

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