Monday, July 9, 2012

Nayanmar 25 - Poosalar Nayanar

Poosalar Nayanar (பூசலார் நாயனார்) 

Birth place     : Thirunindravur
Star               : Aippasi Anusham

A great Shiva bhaktha, Poosalar built a temple for his Lord in his heart. Poosalar lived in Thirunindravur and his long time dream was to build a temple for Lord Shiva. Since he did not have the resources to construct a temple, he decided to build one within his heart. Once he decided to do this, he went about it meticulously thinking of a detailed building plan and constructed a full fledged temple in his heart. Once the construction was completed, Poosalar Nayanar chose an auspicious day and requested the Lord to enter the temple. It so happened that the Pallava King had built a Shiva temple during this time and he had also fixed the same day for the kumbabishekam of the temple built by him. On the previous night, Lord Shiva appeared in the King's dream and told him to change the date of the kumbabishekam as He would be entering the temple built by Poosalar on that day. The King woke up and was curious to see the temple built by a devotee wondering if it was greater than the one built by him.

He travelled to Thirunindravur and found that no temple had been built there recently. He went in search of Poosalar and enquired. Poosalar was in ecstasy to hear that the Lord had chosen to enter his heart temple that day. He explained about his heart temple to the King and the King was amazed at Poosalar Nayanar's devotion.  

The King then went back to his capital Kanchipuram and Poosalar Nayanar continued to conduct pujas in his heart temple for his Lord and attained His feet subsequently.

Here is a link to details on Hridayaleeswarar temple in Thirunindravur:


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    when is Poosalar Nayanar (பூசலார் நாயனார்) jayanthi..