Sunday, September 28, 2014

Navaratri 2014 - Day 4

Sunday laziness is the only reason for me not to take an effort to visit a temple :)
I hope the following Golu photos partly compensate for same

The first golu visit today was at my cousin Ranjini's house. She and her two daughters had arranged a thematic golu last year. So I hoped for a similar one this year too. They did not disappoint me atall! They always have the golu in two rooms, one in the hall itself on the sit out in a single row and another in a room in traditional steps. This year the theme in the sit out is around the world in 8 minutes. It depicted the wonders in many parts of the world right from Sydney Opera House to Mayan pyramid. They have painstakingly set up models using 3D puzzles and the results are wonderful. It has obviously taken many days for them to assemble and the end products are lovely!

Here are the wonders they have made!

Sydney Opera house, Great wall of China, Taj Mahal, St.Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Big Ben, London,Colosseum in Rome, Al Burj in Dubai, An Egyptian Pharoh

Leaning tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Empire state building, White house, Mayan Pyramid and Amazon forest

In the traditional golu also, apart from the padi golu which itself had a doll of Mother Mary and a miniature mosque,along with some lovely dolls of Rangamannar on Andal's lap, Dhanvantri and Satyanarayan puja, there was also a display of fruits wedding (last year was vegetable wedding) which was so cute with apple and orange getting married in the presence of other fruits like strawberry, mango, pineapple etc! There were also displays of a dance set right from poikal kudhirai to dandiya! Another display was that of my nieces toys consisting of various typesof utility vehicles. Of course her favourite God Ganesha was also sitting in different postures on a table on the opposite side. All in all it was a very interesting golu. Kudos to Ranjini and kids!

Fruits wedding

Dance set

Toy vehicles


Next visit was to my friend Mathangi's house which had a very traditional Golu. Here are the photos.

The scenes from Ramayana arranged on one side was very nice. There was also a temple and wedding procession set on the other side

Scenes from Ramayana

Hope to visit a temple tomorrow!

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  1. Lovely write up and pics Lakshmi. Loved the virtual tour of Ranjani's Golu. Her daughters have done an excellent job. I think I will come to Chennai next Navratri to check out some of the Golus personally :D In the meanwhile, keep writing!