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Kanji (porridge) from Vidhuran

Krishna came to Hastinapuram on behalf of Pandavas as their messenger. As soon as he entered, he went in search of Vidhuran’s house to have food. When he entered, Vidhuran was not there and his wife invited him inside and said she will cook and serve food soon. Krishna was too hungry and wanted something to eat right away. She went to the backyard and plucked a full bunch of bananas not even checking properly if the bananas were ripe or not. Understanding that they are going to be eaten by Krishna, the raw bananas ripened by the time she came inside to offer them to Krishna. These bananas were green outside and ripe inside – the green bananas we get now (pachai pazham)
With great love and devotion, she started peeling the bananas and offered one by one to Krishna, enquiring about the Pandavas and Draupadi. In her enthusiasm, she threw the bananas aside and offered the peels to Krishna. Seeing her devotion, Krishna also ate the banana peels.

Vidhuran entered his home and was shocked to see this. He scolded his wife and brought a huge banana leaf to serve Krishna. Vidhuran lived as an ascetic during the period that his nephews, the Pandavas, were suffering in the forest. Vidhuran also lived in a hut and drank only kanji. The food supposed to be prepared for Krishna never got ready. Vidhuran poured his kanji on the leaf for Krishna. The semi liquid kanji ran to one end of the leaf and Krishna held that corner of the leaf with his left hand so that it did not run out. The kanji started flowing down the other side and Krishna used his right hand to hold this side. It started flowing to the third direction and He sprouted another hand to hold it back. This went on and Krishna had to use 10 hands to hold the kanji in the leaf. Krishna appreciated Vidhuran’s devotion that even to kill demons he had used only eight hands maximum while for Vidhuran he had to use 10 hands!

Food from Perunchotru Cheralathan

Perunchotru Cheralathan was a Chera king who served food for the armies in Kurukshetra. Everyday, Cheralathan used to supervise the cooking and the moment the food was ready, he signalled and both the armies used to come and eat their fill. Krishna and Arjuna were surprised to note that despite so many warriors dying in the battle every day, Cheralathan used to lay the exact number of leaves for serving and not even once there was a leaf more of less. Curious about this, one day when Cheralathan served payasam, Krishna asked him about this. Cheralathan went on to explain that everyday he served Krishna payasam counting the number of a particular lentil in it. After Krishna eats, Cheralathan only cleared the place and checked for the number of lentils left around the leaf. The number of lentils eaten by Krishna is equal to the number of people died in the battle that day – meaning every life goes into Him and the number of lentils left out is equal to the number of people alive. This is how he could serve the exact number of leaves everyday. This lentil was Cashew-nut!

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  1. I have to admire your sense of recall. Its simply fantastic and enviable. Superb write up. What I liked best was that I have not heard either of these stories. Simply makes one fall in love with Lord Krishna :D