Friday, March 9, 2012



The moment I heard about Vijay TV Bhakthi Thiruvizha Season 12 happening in Chennai, I could not stop checking for details. I desperately searched on the internet for Vijay TV, Bhakthi Thiruvizha, Narada Gana Sabha, etc. etc., but with no results. Finally, I called up Vijay TV and came to know that free entry tickets for 1000 people were available in their office on first come first serve basis. With not much hope of getting the tickets as it was already 3.30 pm, I still sent my office boy and he came back saying that there were no tickets available. Lastly, thanks to my cousin Kartik, I managed to get some passes.

I could not make it to the inaugural function as it was on Friday. Came Saturday and I was thinking of nothing but this programme. I reached the venue at 4.30 pm (the show begins at 5pm) and was pleasantly surprised to be directed towards the first few rows as it was an invitation that I was holding. Kartik, special thanks to you for that! I managed to get a prime seat right at the centre of the fifth row. The hall seemed to be half empty but by 4.50 pm it was packed to the hilt. First thing I appreciated was that the programme began sharp at 5pm.

As I have noticed in the earlier seasons of Bhakthi Thiruvizha, Ms. Sumathi introduced the artistes. Each day had four different programmes. The second day, that is, the Saturday that I attended the show, had:
1.      Bala Leelai - Harikatha by Kokilavani Balameera Selvi Needamangalam Alamelu & Sollinselvar V Suburaman at 5 pm
2.      Discourse on the topic Karadiyum Kurangum by Sri Karunakarachariyar at 6 pm
3.      Bhakthi Padalgal by Shravan at 7 pm
4.      Rama Avatharam by Desa Mangayarkarasi at 7.30 pm

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  1. Wow! This sounds so interesting. I am glad you could make it on the second day at least. I am so looking forward to seeing more on your blog about this programme.
    It's so nice of Vijay TV to bring these shows to the public all free of cost :)