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Balameera Alamelu continued the discourse with the description of Krishna stealing butter in Ayarpadi.

Krishna goes and sits on Nandagopan’s lap and asks him to suggest a good day. The surprised Nandagopan asks Krishna what is it for and the mischievous Krishna replies “to begin stealing butter”.

Krishna is a thief alright, but his relatives are also thieves. Krishna’s brother-in-law Shiva was called a thief by a five-year-old boy (Thirugnanasambandar sang on Shiva “enn ullam kavar kalvan" என் உள்ளம் கவர் கள்வன்). His nephew Murugan was called a thief by Arunagirinathar (ammaan magalai thirudum thirudan - அம்மான் மகளைத் திருடும் திருடன் ). His nephew Ganapathi also stole the butter kept for Krishna in Sikkal

One fine day, Krishna starts his butter stealing leela and enters a house. There is nobody in the front yard. He walks through and finds the lady of the house in the kitchen. The lady is busy cooking in a golden pot and holding a golden ladle in her hand. Krishna enters from behind and makes a noise with his armlets. Getting no reaction, he creates noise with his anklets and still no reaction. He dances a few steps with still no reaction. Krishna decides that nothing is available in this house and turns back. The lady runs to the kitchen entrance and blocks the way. She had been watching the reflection of Krishna’s antics on the golden ladle and had been fascinated by them.

She pleads with Krishna to dance. Krishna asks her what she will give him and she lists out the number of snacks she has at home. The moment she finishes Krishna gets ready to leave saying “what’s the use, you don’t seem to have butter in your house”. The lady runs inside and brings a handful of butter. Krishna eats the butter and dances. The 30-year-old lady is captivated by the 3 ½-year-old’s dance. Krishna abruptly stops dancing.

Wondering why he stopped, the lady asks him and he promptly says, “I can dance only this much for the amount of butter you gave.” The lady runs inside again to bring another handful of butter. Krishna drops some butter down and eats the rest. As he dances, he mixes the sand on the mud floor with the butter and throws it on the lady’s eyes. The lady is unable to open her eyes as it was just not sand, but butter mixed with sand and so difficult to wash away. She finally opens her eyes to see the kitchen utensils talking to each other. The utensils were wondering how Krishna opened them, wore the murukku as a bangle, jilebi as an anklet etc. and went away. Zapped by this, the lady goes to the neighbour and the moment she starts the story, the neighbour describes all the happenings and finally says Krishna did a similar leela in her house the earlier day and threw all the utensils into the well!

The above has come out like a story but the narration by Needamangalam Alamelu and Sri Subburaman was beautiful with many songs in between.

Watch out for the telecast of this on Vijay TV soon!

This programme is being telecast this week on Vijay TV at 6.45 am

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  1. Superb! Its always a thrill to read about Lord Krishna. You have given such wonderful details of his childhood :)