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Nayanmar 2 - Iyarpagai Nayanar

Iyarpagai Nayanar (இயற்பகை நாயனார்)

Birthplace: Kaviripoompatinam
Star: Margazhi Uthiram

Iyarpagai Nayanar – Iyar + pagai (opposed to nature) - this Nayanar’s name itself suggests his devotion to the Lord, that he did unnatural, abnormal things out of his devotion to the Lord.

Iyarpagai Nayanar lived with his wife in Kaviripoompatinam. He was well known for giving away anything the devotees of Lord Shiva asked for.

One day Lord Shiva took the form of a Brahmin and came to Iyarpagai Nayanar. Very happy to receive him, Iyarpagai wanted to know what the Brahmin wanted. The Brahmin asked Iyarpagai to give his wife. Without blinking an eye, Iyarpagai called his wife and asked her to go with the Brahmin. Though taken aback for a moment, Iyarpagai’s wife got ready to leave with the Brahmin.

The Brahmin was worried that Iyarpagai’s relatives may object to him taking the latter’s wife and asked Iyarpagai to escort them for some distance. Iyarpagai armed himself with some weapons and accompanied them. Many relatives gathered around, objecting to Iyarpagai’s wife being sent with the Brahmin. The Brahmin appeared to be frightened by this but Iyarpagai’s wife assured him saying that “Iyarpagai will take care of them”. A woman mentioning the names of her husband was unheard of in those days. Iyarpagai’s wife mentioned his name thereby proving that she belonged to the Brahmin and did not consider Iyarpagai her husband anymore.

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When the relatives tried to attack the Brahmin, Iyarpagai killed the relatives without hesitation making way for the Brahmin and his wife to move forward. After some distance, the Brahmin asked Iyarpagai to go back and he did so promptly. As he turned around and walked back, he heard the Brahmin calling him “Iyarpagai, come back” He turned back again and saw that the Brahmin had vanished.

Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvathi gave darshan to Iyarpagai Nayanar and his wife and blessed them with mukti. The relatives killed by Iyarpagai Nayanar were also given mukti.

The temple where Iyarpagai Nayanar, his wife and relatives attained mukti is Thiru Sayakkadu close to Kaviripoompatinam.

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  1. I was quite amazed to read the story. Have never heard of it before. You have written it very well and the pictures are also nice. Thank you for sharing :)