Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rama Anjaneya Yuddham

Rama Anjaneya Yuddham

As I was switching channels last evening, there was a musical discourse for Rama navami on Doordarshan. I had not seen the artiste earlier, so I am unable to say who it is. But the story he narrated was so cute that I want to share it here

It was the reign of Rama in Ayodya and there was a king called Sagunthan, who was a Rama Bhaktha. He performed a yagna calling all the rishis right from Vashishta and Viswamitra. It so happened that Narada found a seat next to Viswamitra during the yagna and began his “kalagam”. The king Sagunthan, mentioned in the sabha that he thanked all the rishis right from Vashishta present at the yagna. Narada asked Viswamitra, why the king mentioned Vashishta first and not Viswamitra, how he says Vashishta is greater than Viswamitra.  This way he kindled Viswamitra’s anger and the short tempered Viswamitra cursed that the king’s head will roll at his feet before sunset the next day and Rama will do this for him. Shaken, the king asks Narada for help and Narada directs him to Anjana devi, mother of Hanuman. The king runs to her saying “abhayam, abhayam” and seeing a king requesting for help, Anjana granted his wish and promised to save him. Slowly Narada entered the scene and told Anjana that she has to save the king from Rama. Anjana is rattled and feeling his need for him, Hanuman enters. When she explains the situation to Hanuman, Hanuman accepts it.
At the palace, Rama gets ready for a war and a surprised Sita asks him about it. She is even more surprised when Rama says the war is with Hanuman. None of the ever obedient brothers of Rama are ready to join Rama against Hanuman and Rama goes alone.
In the battlefront Hanuman has built a fort with his tail and made king Sakunthan sit inside. Rama takes his bow and arrow and aims at the tail fort. The arrow flew towards the fort, touched it, went around Hanuman, who was continuously chanting “Rama japam" and came back to Rama. How many ever times Rama aimed his arrow same thing happened. This went on for a long time. Even the Sun was scared that Viswamitra will curse him and was not setting. The world came to a stand still with no cycle of sun rise and set.
Narada brings Viswamitra to the battle ground and Viswamitra declares that his curse that  Sagunthan’s head should roll at his feet, need not necessarily mean that it should be separated from his body, hence it is enough if the king falls at his feet and apologizes to him.
This kalagam of Narada also ended well with the world coming to know again about Hanuman's bhakthi for Rama
Happy Rama Navami!


  1. Fantastic !!! I really appreciate your deep passion shown in each and every blog done by you

  2. Lovely blog, Lak! Really enjoyed reading. wish you a Happy Rama Navami too, though belated :D

  3. Excellent blog Lakshmi! Never heard of it before.

    1. Thank you Manni, I also heard it first time on TV that day!