Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nayanmar 4 - Meipporul Nayanar

Meipporul Nayanar (மெய்ப்பொருள் நாயனார்)

Birth place: Thirukoviloor
Star: Karthigai Uthiram

Meipporul was the king of Thirukoviloor. Being a great devotee of Lord Shiva, he ruled over his kingdom justly taking care of his subjects well. He took good care of the temples of Lord Shiva and ensured that all pujas in these temples were taking place properly. He was also ready to help the devotees of Lord Shiva always.

Another king by name Muthinathan waged a war against Meipporul and was defeated by the latter. Knowing well that Meipporul will do anything for the devotees of the Lord, Muthinathan disguised himself like a devotee and went to his palace. Meipporul was resting and the gate keepers were guarding the entrance. Knowing that their king would not miss an opportunity to meet a Shiva devotee, one of the gate keepers, Dathan went to inform the queen who was also in the chamber. The queen woke the king up and the two went out to welcome the devotee. The vengeful Muthinathan announced that he had a message from one of the Shiva agamas which he could give only to the King in private. Unsuspecting, the queen went out leaving the two of them alone.

Meipporul made Muthinathan sit on a high chair and went down on his haunches humbly. Muthinathan took out a dagger and plunged it into the King. With sudden suspicion, Dathan entered the chamber and was shocked by this sight. He immediately took out his sword to kill Muthinathan. Meipporul stopped Dathan saying “Datha, he is ours, do not harm him. Ensure he goes out safely without any hindrance.”

Meipporul Nayanar held his breath till Dathan came back with the information that he had escorted the Shiva devotee out safely. He thanked Dathan for the great service he had done by saving the life of a Shiva devotee. He then meditated on Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva gave him darshan and mukti appreciating Meipporul Nayanar's great bhakthi that he refused to harm the enemy who tried to kill him because he had dressed like a Shiva bhaktha. 


  1. The Lord gets happier if His devotees are taken care of than when He is Himself prayed.In this case even if when the enemy appeared as a devotee and actually harmed him,Meipporul Nayanar ensured the man's safety for the mere reason he came disguised as Shiva Bhaktha.

  2. Good one Lak! Have never heard this story before