Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nayanmar 18 - Thirukuripputhonda Nayanar

Thirukuripputhondar (திருக்குறிப்புத்தொண்டர்)

Birth place : Kanchipuram
Star           : Chithirai Swathi

There lived a washer man in Kanchipuram who attended to the needs of the devotees of Lord Shiva noting their requirements. Hence he came to be called Thirukuripputhondar. For the world to know the devotion of Thirukuripputhondar, Lord Ekambaranathar of Kanchipuram came in the form of a devotee. In his usual style, Thirukuripputhondar took care of this devotee’s needs and offered to wash his clothes. The Lord said he needed his clothes back by evening as it would be cold in the night.

Thirukuripputhondar assured the devotee that the clothes will be delivered to him clean and dry by evening. Thirukuripputhondar was washing the clothes when it started raining heavily. The rain did not stop till evening and there was no way to dry the clothes. Not able to fulfil the wishes of the devotee, Thirukuripputhondar started banging his head on the washing stone trying to kill himself. Lord Shiva’s hand extended and stopped Thirukuripputhondar from hurting himself. The Lord gave darshan to Thirukuripputhonda Nayanar and blessed him with mukti!


  1. A touching story of true devotion

  2. Very nice story Lak and well written. I think I saw this one in Thiruvarutselvar, if I am not mistaken. :)

  3. Just a question... According to readings.. its said the Nayanars were prominent between the 6th & the 10th century, and during the past 1100 years + the NAYANARS are subjugated beyond recognition... Why is it that we don't follow our cultural background and values... Community sects which formed later after the 10th century, who all have learn and are practising till date have enshrined a lot better than us. Like the Namboothri's, Nairs, .... Why is it that we had left it at that itself.