Monday, June 18, 2012

Nayanmar 19 - Chandeswara Nayanar

Chandeswara Nayanar (சண்டேஸ்வர நாயனார்) 

This is one Nayanar we see in all Shiva temples even today. We give attendance to him so that he can pass on the details of our visit to the Lord. Chandeswara Nayanar is the Chandikeswarar who is present in all Shiva temples.

Here is the story of how he attained the position of Chandikeswarar:

In the beautiful town of Cheinallur (சேய்ஞல்லூர்) (called Cheinallur because it was created by the universal Sei – Lord Muruga) (this place is now called Senganur) there lived a Brahmin couple by name Echadattan and Pavithirai who were devotees of Lord Shiva. They were blessed with a brilliant son who was well versed in the education of Vedas even without the help of a Guru. The couple named their son Visarasarumar.

One day, Visarasarumar saw some cowherds beating the cows. Very upset, Visarasarumar explained the greatness of the cow to the cowherds - how all the Devas are present in the different parts of the cow’s body; milk given by the cow is used for abhishekam of Shiva and the cow dung is used in the preparation of sacred ash. He also offered to take care of the cows thereafter.

From then onwards, Visarasarumar herded the cows everyday to graze and the quantity of milk given by the cows increased day by day.  An ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, Visarasarumar made a Shiva Linga in the sand and did puja and abhishekam with the cows’ milk every day.

Hearing from the people in town that Visarasarumar is pouring the milk in the sand everyday, Echadattan came in search of the son. Visarasarumar was praying to his Lord and the pot of milk was kept ready for abhishekam. Echadattan called his son and when he did not respond, he beat him with a stick. Even then Visarasarumar did not react and continued with his prayer. Very angry, Echadattan kicked the milk pot. Furious that the milk kept for the Lord’s abhishekam was wasted, Visarasarumar took in his hand the stick which his father had used to beat him. The moment Visarasarumar touched the stick, it turned into an axe and Visarasarumar cut his father’s legs which kicked the milk pot!

He then continued with his puja. Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvathi gave darshan to Visarasarumar and said that Visarasarumar can consider the Lord as his father thereafter. The Lord made him the head of his devotees and gave him the position of Chandeswarar. The Lord further declared that the offerings made to Him will be offered to Chandeswarar also. He also removed a Kondrai flower from His head and placed it on Chandeswarar’s head. The Lord then took Chandeswarar with Him to Shiva Loka while Chandeeswarar’s parents also attained moksha. Thus, Visarasarumar became a son to Lord Shiva and became Chandikeswarar. He is always present in Shiva temples near the spout from where the milk offered as abhishekam to the Lord comes out!

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  1. Very nice story! I have never heard of this one. Thank you Lak for writing it on your blog. :)