Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nayarnmar 20 - Thirumoola Nayanar

Thirumoola Nayanar (திருமூல நாயனார்)

Place were Sundaranathar became Thirumoolar : Thivaavaduthurai
Star   : Purattasi asvini

One of the disciples of Nandi by name Sundaranathar stayed in Kailasam. One day Sundaranathar wanted to visit Sage Agasthya in Podhigai malai. He travelled from Kailasam down south visiting various temples like Kedarnath, Pasupathinath, Kasi Viswanathar, Kalahasti and reached Thiruvaavaduthurai.

In the town of Thiruvaavaduthurai, he saw a strange sight. Many cows were in tears around their cowherd by name Moolan who had fallen dead bitten by a snake.

Sundaranathar felt sorry for the cows. He proceeded to a secluded place and lay down. He had decided to transfer his soul into the cowherd’s body to make the cows happy. He did so and the cows were pleased to see the cowherd waking up. In the evening after grazing, the cows went back home and Moolan followed them. When he reached home, his wife tried to touch him in welcome. As it was Sundaranathar who was in Moolan’s body, he refused to enter the house and stayed in a matam saying he had no wife. His relatives tried to take him back home but in vain. Moolan went back to the place were Sundaranathar’s body was hidden but could not find it. He then understood that it was ordained that Moolan sing Lord Shiva’s praise. He came back to the temple of Thirvaavaduthurai and sat in yogasanam there. He then composed the Thirumandhiram consisting of three thousand stanzas. It is said that he sat in meditation at the temple for three thousand years composing one stanza per year.

Thirumoolar’s Thirumandhiram is not only in praise of Lord Shiva but also explains the various aspects of a good life and guides us to lead one. Many parts of Thirumandiram sound simple when one reads it lightly, but it also has a deeper subtle meaning of philosophy if one delves into it!

Here is a stanza from Thirumandhiram

அன்பு சிவம் இரண்டு என்பர் அறிவிலார்
அன்பே சிவமாவது ஆரும்  அறிகிலார்
அன்பே சிவமாவது ஆரும் அறிந்தபின்
அன்பே சிவமாய் அமர்ந்திருந் தாரே! 

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  1. Another good one Lakshmi! I like to hear stories about Koodu vittu koodu payaradhu! Nice :)