Saturday, July 24, 2010

Photo blog - tribute to Thatha

This is purely a photo blog - a tribute to my Thatha, a great Muruga Bhaktha who passed away recently. I took all these photos at the Chedda Nagar Murugan Temple, Mumbai with the idea of showing it to Thatha, but never got around doing it. Hope Thatha sees it from Heaven. Love you always, Thatha!

Appearance of the Chedda Nagar Murugan temple with photos of urchavar

Pictures depicting birth of Shanmugar

Battle with Soorapadman followed by Devandra Pattambishekam

Different forms of Lord Murugan


Next is Murugan's upadesam - This is Thatha's favourite as according to Thatha, Murugan is THE GURU.

First is Thanthaiku upadesam - Murugan teaching Lord Shiva - The story of Swamimalai temple

Next is upadesam to Lord Brahma

Next is upadesam to Ovaiyyar - the great tamil poetess and saint

Last, but not the least - Upadesam to Arunagiriyar


  1. La
    lovely photos. Good start.
    offcourse thatha is seeing it.
    All the very best

  2. wow! that's a lovely photoblog, Lak and rightly dedicated to Thatha. the pics have turned out so beautiful and you have put them in such a perfect order. Excellent! Keep it up. Hope to see more and more.