Friday, July 30, 2010

TV programme - Bharathathil Dharmam

Extract from Bharathathil Dharmam by Sri Velukkudi Krishnan

Yesterday’s episode of “Bharathathil Dharmam” by Sri Velukudi Krishnan on Vijay TV was very enlightening. For the past three days Sri. Krishnan has been talking about Vidhuran’s advice to Dhirtharashtran on giving Pandavas a share in the kingdom.

Dhirtharashtran sends Sanjayan as his messenger to the Pandavas. Sanjayan returns to Hastinapura late in the evening and tells Dhirtharashtran that he is too tired to talk and would give all the details of his trip the next day.

An anxious Dhirtharashtran is unable to sleep and calls Vidhuran for guidance expecting the latter to talk only in his favour. Vidhuran being the incarnation of Dharmaraja asks Dhirtharashtran point blank if he has usurped another’s property that he is unable to sleep. That Dhirtharashtran avoids Vidhuran’s question and all this lead to the battle of Kurukshetra is another story. But the example Sri Krishnan gave for usurping one’s property was classic. Every human is a Jeevatma and is part of God – the Paramatma. We are HIS property – a part of HIM. But all the time we see ourselves as separate from the Paramatma thereby stealing HIS property! We must think that all of us are HIS parts and HIS property.

Sri Krishnan also cited an example of a devotee praising Lord Krishna “Why people are calling you a thief who stole butter in Gokulam which belonged to you (as everything belongs to Paramatma), when in reality we are the thieves separating Paramatma from Jeevatma”


  1. Thank you for the post. I very rarely get to see such programmes. Here I am able to view it through your eyes. :)

  2. I am glad to note that you have variety of talents and happy for the information you provide.
    thank you and keep it up

  3. Nice post. I don't have access to TV at home - this makes it a very good read.

  4. lakshmi,
    I enjoyed the reading. The insight I got from Shri Krishnan`s talk is that, it is not Krishnan talking but that common in-dweller, is expressing thro Krishnan`s mouth and vocabulary.
    How Omnipresent is This God and how alive He is in people. How eager he is to reach people`s heart. It could be an artist, a producer, a director, a writer or a singer or a poet. He is ever eager to help humanity to raise from ignorance. Alas!! due to our ignorance and obstinacy, it is we who are missing to feel His Presence through such expressions.

    Long live God and His mediums!

  5. Hello nice description
    For those who missed any of these episodes, check it and download it from here:

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    can u plz temme that wen the brindavanamum nandakumaranum program started excatly???...i searched in the internet but its showing that its started 4rm 18-01-2011 is that correct???...plzz reply...I missed that time now i can albe to see those videos but am not sure about the start date...plz temme..thanks =)