Thursday, July 15, 2010

Temple Visit - Thiruvooraga Perumal

Thiruvooraga Perumal, Kundrathur

People familiar with the name Kundrathur tend to connect it to Lord Muruga as the Kundrathur Murugan temple is quite famous. I did get to visit the Murugan temple and a Sivan temple at Kundrathur apart from this Perumal temple. But I was so impressed by this temple and the enthusiasm with which the kurukkal readily explained the Sthala puranam and showed us all the alangarams done to the Perumal that I am tempted to blog this first.

Like on many other occasions, my sister Jayashree is responsible for this trip as she only suggested that we visit one of the temples around Porur, Poonamallee area one Saturday few months back.

We stood at the bus stop opposite Miot Hospital, Ramapuram and got into a Kundrathur bus as it came first. Thank you Jayu, for yet another wonderful experience!

Now about the temple: This temple was built about 1100 years ago by Kulothunga Chozhan II. He was a devotee of Thiruvooraga Perumal in Kanchipuram and wished to build another temple for him. He requested Perumal to choose a suitable site so that Kulothungan can build the temple. Perumal himself chose this site at Kundrathur and since it is the same Lord as in Kanchipuram, he is called by the same name - Thiruvooraga Perumal.

As Thiruppani (renovation) was going on, we entered the temple through the side entrance. We were very thrilled to see such a huge deity - more than 6.5 feet tall. The Sannidhi had only Perumal in the standing posture with His right hand as Abhayahastham, blessing us and the left hand on his left thigh. He had a majestic namam studded with stones. After Deeparathanai, Shadari, Theertham and Tulsi prasadham, the Kurukkal started removing a few strands of flowers from the deity. As we were wondering why he was doing this, he started showing us the different alangarams on the Perumal.

The Perumal has Sridevi and Bhoodevi on his chest, Dasavathara Odiyanam on his waist, similar to that of Tirupathi Venkatachalapathy, Lakshmi Haaram up to his knee, Silver kaasu maalai reaching below his knee, two strings of maalai made of silver Tulsi leaves and Salakrama Maalai touching his feet. The feet looked beautiful covered with velli kavasam. He is standing on Padma peetam – an open lotus. His crown was covered with many Tulsi garlands and two long garlands of Tulsi and flowers were adorning him from head to toe.

It was very nice of the kurukkal to explain the alangaram so well. We had the darshan of Garudan standing in front of Perumal and proceeded to the Goddess’ sannidhi. As soon as we turned right from Perumal, we entered a small area where we worshipped Thudhikai Azhvar (Ganapathy) and then Thiru Virundha Valli Thayar. Thayar was looking so beautiful with silver kavasam on her hands, wearing a diamond necklace around her throat, a lovely odiyanam and kaasumalai. The deity was decorated with many flowers too.

We went around the sannidhis and on the right side there was Andal sannidhi and one of Ramar, Lakshmanar and Seethai. Ramar and Lakshmanar were standing with their bows in their left hands and an arrow each in their right hands. We were wondering where Hanuman was and lo! He was standing right opposite the Ramar sannidhi in his usual praying posture. This Hanuman was looking rather different without a crown. We went in again to have another look at Perumal and noticed that there was another Hanuman along with Ramanujar very close to the Perumal sannidhi.

I am still able to visualise the Perumal when I close my eyes, such is his beauty. Hope to visit the temple again soon.


  1. Sighhhhhhhhhhh!
    I visited the temple through your blog. It looks like that will probably be the only way I will get around TN temples. But so what? I could visualise every sannidhi through you writing.
    And welcome back! High time you wrote this post. Hope to catch your blogs more often. :D

  2. And yeah, I like the touch of history too!

  3. Thank you for arranging a meeting with Kundrathur Perumal. An impressive post.Thanks.

  4. promise to take me when I visit ! Remember that kutty perumal temple we used to visit near MGR nagar ? Late Saturday evening walks from M13d, that Perumal was so beautiful too ! Must go soon - whenever I come next, want to spend *some* time doing just this - you must help me :)

  5. Lak great work
    We went there just once but this blog is excellent we can keep reading it.
    Hope we plan soon for yet another beautiful temple tour. Keeping my fingers crossed for taking you Thiruvannamalai soon - as I love that temple
    Good. Keep it up.

  6. Thanks to your blog, people like me can keep in touch with religion and spirituality. Do pray for all of us!!


  7. Thank you for linking me to your blog. yet to read all the posts. but i'm already loving the beautiful write-ups on temples.

  8. @ Latha thank you, pls do read all the blogs and let me know