Monday, October 11, 2010

70th Birthday

70th Birthday - Rajaram (Chitti) Anna

It happened to be the 70th birthday of Rajaram Anna, my father’s cousin and I accompanied my parents to the lunch they had arranged. There were about 20+ people and we had a good time.

I was made the official photographer there as I was the youngest and walked up and down clicking away the camera.

Lunch began with a tomato soup and some delicious starters, followed by a great variety to choose from – rotis, pulav as well as plain rice and even chaat. The side dishes were yummy as usual, but the part I liked best as always was the array of desserts. In fact before the other guests arrived I made it a point to photograph the dessert spread.

Post lunch Anna cut the birthday cake while we all sang for him.

We wound up with a cup of coffee. All in all it was good fun with a lovely ambience and very pleasant company.

Thank you Anna and Manni!


  1. Lak, the pics have turned out just awesome. The collages are even better - especially the people collage. Happy Birthday to Chitti Anna, though belated :)

  2. Superb Lakshmi!! Thank you for bringing out such a wonderful Blog. You have covered everything & everybody. Thank you once again.

  3. Real Good Work Lakshmi!
    Dorai Thatha & R'Chithi

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  5. What can I say about the blog except 'BLUSHING' even at 70!!
    Rajanna, you only resigned this world; but your talent and writing with warmth are still there to see and feel!!!
    Thanks a lot!! I do not know how to reciprocate this as Newton had said 'Every action should have an EQUAL and OPPOSITE reaction'; but I beg to disagree
    as some actions are there only to cherish, remain green and to be rewound any number of times!!!