Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Temple Trails Tamil Nadu : Golu at Mylai Karpagambal Temple

Golu at Mylai Karpagambal Temple

After the last year's visit to this temple for Golu, I was very keen to go there this year also

The temple was decorated beautifully with lights and did not look very crowded mainly because the Golu was spread in different parts and the crowd was scattered.

I prayed at the Ganapathi and Murugan sannidhi and had a look at the small mandapam opposite the Murugan sannidhi on my right in front of the main Golu mandapam. This had Sivan in penance in Himalayas with all the rishis in the front. Ganges was falling from Sivan's head.

There was huge kolam made out of various food ingredients right from raw rice to pulses, dhaniya, sago, jaggery and even red chillies and tamarind. It was looking very beautiful.

A closer view of the food grains on the kolam

I also heard that a new kolam is being drawn here everyday with different items. Only wish that I had the time to visit on all days.

I proceeeded to the main Golu mandapam and yesterday's alangaram was Ambal on Rishaba vahanam. As usual the decoration was beautiful and Ambal looked majestic with Lakshmi and Saraswathi on either side. I went around the deity to have a look at the pinnal alangaram - it was a very cute plait with flowers and cashews on each knot of the plait!

Next was the mandapam on the left side of Murugan sannidhi, right side of Dwajasthambam. A photograph of the moolasthanam of this temple with a huge rangoli of Samhara Bhairavar  with his consort. See the weapons in his hands and his dog vahanam!

On the left side of the Dwajasthambam, near the passage to Karpagambal sannidhi was the Golu with dolls arranged in seven steps.

There were also many Ganapathis arranged on a table. The ratham and procession looked very cute. There were many dolls kept on floor level and I liked the Santhanagopalakrishnan and the wedding set best!

I then proceeded to Karpagambal sannidhi. Though the queue was long, it moved quite fast and darshan was great! Next was Kapaleeswarar sannidhi. The Lingam looked majestic as usual and crowd was quite less here.

I had the chance to get chakrapongal prasadam and while washing the hands noticed the green light in the garden near the main mandapam. This had plants for various nakshatrams with the plants marked with their names and the star they represent. 


I went inside the main golu mandapam once again to have one last look at the Ambal in rishaba vahanam before leaving.

Though the Golu was definitely not as grand and impressive as last year, it was quite nice and different.


  1. Heavenly pictures and a super write up! If this is a simple Golu, I wonder how a grand one will be. Can't wait to see that one. Please put it up soon. :D

  2. Sorry, forgot to mention the kolam - fantabulous!

  3. Super excellent! u got a wonderful blog too.

  4. Lovely pictures! really beautiful and miss the Golu at the temple -Thanks for bringing it to us ! Well done!

  5. Grand Kolam
    Pinnal alangaram is beutiful
    Wow.. superb pictures.
    Thank you la

  6. Beautiful temple. The decorations are lovely.

  7. Thanks Lakshmi for taking me to the kapaleeswarar koil.

  8. Good ones. Thanks for sharing.