Thursday, October 7, 2010

TV Programme : Jaya TV

Jaya TV programme

This episode of Vishnusahasranama on Jaya TV was very beautiful. Vishnusahasranama explanation is a series on Jaya TV everyday at 630am. This particular episode was telecast in two parts with details of two namams of Mahavishnu. The sculpture in Thirukurungudi temple was shown in detail with special emphasis on a sculpture of Garudan.

The sculpture and the explanation given by Sri Ananthapadmanaabhachariar was so beautiful that I would like to share it here.

Garudan is on his way to Devaloka to collect the nectar. He has taken a huge form and flying to his destination. On his way, he collects food to eat. He gets hold of an elephant and a tortoise and holds them one in each hand. The elephant and tortoise keep fighting continuously and Garudan asks his father Kashyapa Maharishi about this. Kashyapar explains that the elephant and the tortoise are actually two rishis who were brothers. They quarrelled often and finally cursed each other to become an elephant and a tortoise. Even after turning into these animals, their fight continued. Garudan also picked up a tree in his beak so that he can use it as a seat so that he could rest when necessary. As soon as he put the tree in his beak, he noticed that there were many Rishis hanging upside down on the tree branch in penance. Shocked by this, he again asks his father, why these Rishis are hanging upside down. Kashyapar explains that they were the reason for Garudan to be born. The story goes like this - These Rishis who were the size of a human thumb, called Valakilya Maharishis were collecting samithu stick for their yaagam and all of them together carried one samithu stick with great difficulty. The samithu was too big for the thumb sized Rishis. Carrying the stick, they tried to cross a puddle caused by a deer's hoof. The puddle was like a big pond to them and they could not cross it. Indra saw this and laughed at the Rishis. Angered by Indra's laughter, the Rishis cursed that a strong boy will be born who will defeat Indra. Thus Garudan was born because of the Rishis curse on Indra. Kashayapar narrated this story to Garudan and asked him to settle the Rishis in a safe place. Doing this, Garudan continued his journey towards the Devaloka.



Imagine the sculptor's devotion to have created such a piece of beauty!

According to Sri Ananthapadmanabhacharyar, this is only a sample of the architecture of the temple!
I sincerely wish I visit this temple soon!


  1. Lovely picture of Garudan and an excellent story. I don't even get up early enough to catch these programmes. Thanks for writing about them.

  2. It is one thing to listen and another to put in words to what one has heard. Very well written . Will read your posts on Azwars.

    By the way the Piscians are very creative people.

  3. Yes,Hema is right you have the inherent talent may be Raja thatha's genes that you are able to write the story very well as it is a great art & one should have the talent.Wishing you all the best.very Good sculpture of the Garudazhwar & we wouldn't have known the story connected to it,thanks Lakshmi,i really appreciate your interest & also to sharing with others.God bless you.

  4. I would like the rest of the story too. You are providing us with good ones.

  5. My wife's morning starts with this progamme along with that on Podughai at the same time! Clash of titans!