Monday, October 18, 2010

Durga Puja at Bengal Association, T.Nagar

Durga Puja at Bengal Association, T.Nagar

I had the opportunity to see the Durga Puja in Bengal Association T.Nagar on Friday. I went there around 6pm and puja was on in full swing with about 50-60 Bengalis taking part.

Though I have seen huge Durga idols in the Besant Nagar community hall earlier, here I had time and space to have a look in detail.

A very huge Durga was standing in the centre with weapons in all her hands, the demon was standing below her. Her vahanam was a very ferocious looking lion. On her right was Goddess Lakshmi and Ganapathy and on her right was Saraswathy and Subramanya.

Inspite of so many weapons in her hands the face of the Goddess was so benevolent and smiling that I felt like looking at her forever.

Goddess Lakshmi on the left also had a smiling face with her hand in a blessing posture

while Ganapathy was pink in colour and holding weapons in all his hands

Goddess Saraswathi on the right was also in a blessing posture with a veena nearby and her swan vahanam at her feet.

Subramanya was holding bow and arrow with his Mayil vahanam close by.

See the number of clothes and flowers in front of the deities!

Puja got over in about 10-15 minutes and after neivediyam, ladies were asked to repeat the mantra recited by the pujari and offer flowers to the deity. The ladies also lit the many lamps kept near the idols.

After the deeparathanai, prasadam was distributed and the Bengalis assembled moved out for the food stalls around.

I had another leisure look at the Goddess and came out!


  1. Lovely post and even better pictures. thanks for the glimpse into Durga Pujo celebrations.

  2. Excellent pictures !!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you lakshmi for the lovely pictures with details.

  4. Thanks for the very nice post & lovely photos.

  5. I never thought that Durga pooja is celebrated in Chennai on such a grand scale.