Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diwali Legiyam

Diwali Legiyam  (தீபாவளி லேகியம்)

This is a digestive prepared during Diwali and eaten early in the morning to ensure that the heavy food consumed this time gets digested easily. This is one of the most important things in the Diwali list at home.


1. Sukku (சுக்கு) (dry ginger)               25 gm
2. Kandanthippili (கண்டந்திப்பிலி)      25 gm
3. Arisi thippili  (அரிசி திப்பிலி)          25 gm
4. Parangipattai   (பரங்கிப்பட்டை)      25 gm
5. Sitharathai   (சித்தரத்தை)           25 gm
6. Milagu  (மிளகு) (pepper)          25 gm
7. Dhaniya (தனியா) (coriander seeds)   15 gm
8. Jeera  (சீரகம்)            10 gm
9. Omam   (ஓமம்)      20 gm
10.Adhimaduram  (அதிமதுரம்)   25 gm
11. Jadhikkai   (ஜாதிக்காய்)           1/2
12. Jadipathiri (ஜாதிப்பத்திரி)      5 gm
13. Elakkai (ஏலக்காய்) (Cardamom)  10 gm
14. Ginger   (இஞ்சி)         50 gm
15. Jaggery    (வெல்லம்)  1/2 kg
16. Ghee (நெய்)        100 gm
17. Honey  (தேன்)     100 gm

Dry roast ingredients number 1 to 13 separately one after the other. Take care not to over heat. Powder all the roasted ingredients together and sieve.
Dissolve jaggery in water, heat slightly and filter it. Take the filtered jaggery water in a pan (kadai) and boil it.
Grind the ginger and take out the juice. Keep this juice aside for a few minutes so that the sediment settles below. We will be using only the clear ginger water on top. Add this ginger water to the boiling jaggery. Add the honey and let the solution boil for some more time. Before  the jaggery reaches the paagu consistency but boils very well, add the sieved powder. Keep stirring till it thickens slightly. Add the ghee little by little to the thickening mixture. Once it starts leaving the sides of the pan, it is ready to be taken off the stove.
This legiyam is in the consistency of halwa and can be shaped into balls and eaten. As mentioned above it is a great digestive and helps our tummy when attacked by diwali sweets and savouries.

This medicinal legiyam can be made not just during Diwali but anytime one feels to have a natural digestive medicine.


  1. Wishing u and ur family a joyous Diwali.

  2. This is a very good one, Lak. I kept recalling this everytime someone at work said that he/she had a bad stomach because of overeating during Diwali. And believe me, there were a number of them. This is very important and our ancestors are really great in thinking of this first thing on Diwali. Smart!