Monday, November 1, 2010

Slippers - Lost & Found

Slippers - Lost & Found

The trip to Rameswaram for the wedding was very eventful, but the most hilarious thing was the story of lost and found slippers, not just one pair but two.

It started like this, when we were in the train on the way to Rameswaram, a couple in the same coupe got down at Ramanathapuram very early in the morning. When we reached Rameswaram, Amma got up and searched for her slipper and found that one was hers and the other belonged to the lady who had got down earlier. Lord knows how that lady who was at least 6-7 months pregnant managed to wear such mismatched slippers and walk!

As there was no other choice, Amma had to wear the other mismatched pair and walk down the station. She managed up to the Kalyana mandapam and gave up after that. Since it was quite early in the morning, we could not manage to find a shop to buy a new pair for her. Meanwhile I had left my slippers in the Kalyana Mandapam entrance like everybody else and after Vratham and lunch, I came out to find that mine were missing.

Now both of us were barefoot but managed to get into an auto to the lodge! Amma was too tired to go to the market and said she will manage without slippers for the day. In the evening we all got ready for the janavaasam and reached the mandapam. I had a casual look at the many pairs of slippers lying there and managed to find mine! Obviously somebody had worn them by mistake and had brought them back. First thing I did was to hide my slippers behind one of the pillars.

The story does not end here. Next day during the Muhurtham, I did the same thing of hiding my slippers behind a pillar and Amma continued to manage without hers. After the Muhurtham, Amma and I went to the market and bought her a new pair. We came back to the mandapam and had our lunch. We had to go back to the lodge immediately to pack as we had to leave for Chennai that evening. We came out to find that Appa’s slippers were missing! I began to wonder whether our slippers were jinxed.

I searched all over the mandapam and found Appa’s slippers lying in two different corners as the crowd had walked up and down pushing them all over the place!

I found the whole drama so funny that I could not resist blogging about it!

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