Thursday, November 18, 2010

TV Programme - Kannapiran Kadhai Amudham

TV Programme - Kannapiran Kadhai Amudham

In this morning's episode of Kannapiran Kadhai Amudhu on Podhigai TV, Sri Velukkudi Krishnan gave a very cute example of why God punishes bad men. He first put a question - is God partial? Being God, how would He judge people as good or bad? Sri. Krishnan also gave a reply with this sweet example

A child plays with a stick. The child's mother keeps an eye on him. As he plays, the child tries to poke his own eye with the stick. Mother's reaction is to warn the child and if the child tries to do it again and again, she throws the stick away and beats the child.

Mother = God
Child = Jeevathma
Stick = The body Jeevathma takes

As the child (jeevathma plays), mother (God) just observes. Once the child (jeevathma) tries to hurt himself, mother (God) hits the child (jeeavathma) and throws the stick (body) away!


  1. How did I miss commenting on this one? so sorry! The story has been presented beautifully by the TV host and more so by you here on your blog. The philosophy of life in a nutshell. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Can someone guide to download Episode 131 kannapiran kadhai amudhu, podhigai tv, sri velukkudi krishnan Ji.