Sunday, November 14, 2010

Temple Trails Tamil Nadu : Kandakottam, Chennai – Soorasamharam – Part II

Soorasamharam at Kandakottam - Part II

We waited for about 15 minutes witnessing the police organising the crowd very well. Slowly the traffic was stopped on our side of the road and the Sooran came first and positioned himself.

Many young men dressed up as Murugan’s soldiers including Veerabahu followed and next came the much awaited Murugan. What a beautiful deity! His vahanam was the horse. He had the Vel which his mother Parvati had given in one hand and a beautiful bow in his other hand. I saw Murugan as Parimelazhagar for the first time!

There was a commentary going on about the events on one side. First was the Veerabahu thoothu. When Sooran did not listen to Veerabahu, war was declared. Sooran came with his sword and kedayam for the battle and Murugan nipped his head with his Vel. Sooran went back and came again with Yaanai mugam (elephant-face). Murugan removed this head and he again came back with Singa mugam (lion-face), Yaali mugam, Aatu mugam (goat-face), Puli mugam (tiger face) and Kudhirai mugam (horse-face). Murugan detached all the heads with his Vel and finally Sooran came with his original face. Every time the head was removed with the Vel, the whole area resounded with the chant of “Vetrivel, Veeravel” and “Arohara”!

Then Sooran went around the Lord and when he came to the front, he took the form of a tree. The ever benevolent Murugan did not kill him like any other Gods do to the Asuras, but split the tree into a cock and peacock and kept the Sooran near him always!
Here is the video of the Soorasamharam

The Soorasamharam here ended with the Sooran taking the form of a tree and deepaarathanai (aarti) was performed to the Lord. Once the deepaarathanai was done, the crowd started moving and we also proceeded home satisfied with a great darshan of the Soorasamharam.

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  1. Hi,Lakshmi,fantastic coverage of the Soora samhaaram!I read it only today[21st Nov]Karthigai thirunaal!Thanks a lot.Love.Savi3 J rao.