Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eventful Sunday - Programme in our Colony

Eventful Sunday - Programme in our Colony

This morning was fun and frolic in our colony!

Aaha FM and Cavin Kare conducted a programme called Super Mom. There was a great participation by the kids in the colony as usual and many ladies came forward to participate in the recipe contest.
Lots of games and sports were also conducted for the children and the kids had great fun.

There was a sale of tupperware products and fancy jewellery by a couple of colony ladies.

The highlight of the programme were the recipe contest and the milk sweets made by the chefs who were also the judges for the recipe contest. The chefs had made paal payasam, ada pradhaman and akkara vadisal. They also explained all the three recipes to the interested ladies

The recipe contest was for any milk based recipes. There were 14 contestants with 13 different sweets and one soup using milk and palak. There were many sweets right from paal payasam with carrot halwa, carrot kheer, bread pudding, paasiparuppu sweet, drydates sweet, a sweet made using milk and china grass, fruit salad, cocunut milk sweet, badam kheer etc.

The  first price went to Mrs. Subbulakshmi for paasi paruppu sweet,

second price to Mrs. Shobha for bread pudding

 and third to Mrs. Parvathy for badam kheer.

It was a pleasure to see the array of various sweets vert artistically displayed by the ladies of the colony!

All in all it was a very interesting Sunday morning!


  1. Fine Lakshmi, I feel I am living with you now and here. Nice way of communication, you have! Equal to Sundari. You are a family of great expression!

  2. Thanks for being active in the society. Your blog is showing there is life in the colony. I could also trace my wife and daughter in law in the photograph. keep going.

  3. What fun! Great photo blog and write up. All your colony people will be able to relate to it, more than the others. Hope you have sent the link to them. :)

  4. A nice round-up of events. Despite the heat, people seem to enjoy the day, looks like a mini mela. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nice colony worthy of emulation.There is hardly any mingling in mine let alone such gala functions these days.Your write up is as usual very good

  6. Cavin care Aha FM have said that they will do a programme Supermom tomorrow 7th Saturday in our colony at Abishek. They told that they will give posters twodays in advance- They have not yet reported- Have u got the contact number? If they come at the last minute we will not be ableto arrange.
    Thankas for the help
    My mail ID
    Ph. number;42745253