Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eventful Saturday - A short pilgrimage

Short Pilgrimage

On 14 August, we had a short pilgrimage - half a day trip to temples in Thiruvallur and Tirunindravur from our colony. It was a very nice trip with a small group of people who were very cooperative and cheerful all through the trip which is most important for such group trips.

We covered six temples in total, two in Thiruninravur, one in Putlur, one in Kaklur and two in Thiruvallur. Details of the temples in the coming blogs!

We started at 6.20 am in the morning and were back home by 2.00 pm for lunch.  Our friend Bhavani was so nice to accomodate all of us in her house in Thirunindravur and let us have our breakfast and coffee there which we had prepared from home and carried with us in the van.

The weather was fairly pleasant which was an added advantage. All in all it was a great trip as everyone enjoyed it.
Hope to have more such trips in future!


  1. I am jealous of you!!!.I also live in a colony and such pleasant outings and experiences are not there.Six temples in a few hours must have been a hurried visit.looking fwd to detailed posts

  2. I am also jealous. One of the very few times I feel bad about not living close to you guys. Will catch one of these trips. You'd better plan it when I am down south. :D

  3. I must say that your colony is very nice & the people there are friendly. I have visited all the places a few years back except Putlur. Eagerly waiting to see your blogs on the temples.