Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Food for thought!

 The scene I witnessed in the suburban train today, forced me to write this!

Two young college girls were travelling and one of them opened her lunch box. This was at 6.10 pm in the evening. As she opened her box, she was telling her friend that her mother had called in the afternoon on her mobile to enquire if she had her lunch and now if the box is not empty, she may get angry, so let us share the lunch. One must see the size of the lunch box to believe, it was just one of those disposable subzi dubbas provided by the hotels for parcel food and she was sharing it with her friend that too after skipping lunch. The food in the dubba was even more shocking, it was maggi noodles and I don’t think that any vegetable other than onions was added to it. Noodles is something that is to be eaten fresh and warm and not 10-12 hours after cooking it! Also is it a staple, nourishing food for a girl going to college, obviously travelling quite a distance? Of course, parents are not to be blamed fully, because many children refuse to eat proper nourishing food but prefer junk food, easily available and so tempting. It is very important for growing kids, especially girls, to have proper food. It was so very upsetting to see the above!

I remember that when we were kids, our Paati used to scare us that we will get all sorts of diseases if we eat the stuff being sold near our school gate. Also she made sure we had proper meals always and we were allowed to indulge in junk food only occasionally. Are Paatis not around for kids nowadays to ensure that they eat properly, I wonder!


  1. Lachu.

    I am going through you blog every day but I don't respond but this made me to respond. I really vouch for this and also there is elder in the family who used to tell us beautiful stories and morals when we were young. That concept is slowly diminishing because of our nuclear family outfit. Now who is responsible for this? Nobody knowsw. Keep wrting and God bless you.


  2. :( the scenario is pretty sad but the fact of life with most people in the present generation.