Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sabai (சபை) Ladies Club

Sabai Ladies Club - First meeting

We, the wives of the KK Nagar Sabhai guys decided to party alone as only our men have been enjoying all along! The guys have been neighbourhood friends from their school/college days and we ladies came to know each other only after getting married to our respective guys. The ladies usually get to meet each other only during any function at one of the friends’ places and maybe at the kids’ schools.

The first step was to have a lunch party at one of our houses. This happened last Sunday.

A van was arranged and all the ladies and kids were picked up from their respective homes. We were about nine adults and children. Lunch was ordered from a caterer along with many goodies. The party started with a cake cutting.

The kids had a great time playing. The ladies basically sat around and relaxed, chatting about everything under the Sun including movies, cookery, various schools and education system, problems we face in the family and of course our men! Lunch was nice with a sweet and ice-cream thrown in.

              Post lunch the kutti kids slept for a while and the big ones continued playing. We continued our chat and finally winded up after tea.

                 All in all it was good fun and we hope to have more such interactions in the future with or without our men!


  1. Nice post,looks like you all had a great time!!!!!!!!!

  2. ladies day out, men not allowed.
    This should have been the title of the post.
    Looks like you all had good fun.

  3. Excellent day spent. Hope to have more like this with the family. If these men are not willing to include us in their agenda, let us exclude them and have our own enjoyment.

    jayashree satish