Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TV Programme - Bharathathil Dharmam - II

Another extract from Bharathathil Dharmam by Sri Velukkudi Krishnan

This morning's episode of Bharathathil Dharmam was another thought provoking one.

It was about "Mathrudevo Bhava, Pithrudevo Bhava, Aacharyadevo Bhava"

Mathrudevo Bhava, Pithrudevo Bhava

One must take care of one’s parents irrespective of whatever complaints one has about them. Even if the parents are at fault, it is one's duty to be in touch with them regularly (in case they are not staying with you). Do not interfere with their day-to-day activities but ensure you are there for their support whenever necessary. This is applicable not only to one's parents, but also parents-in-law.

For "Aacharyadevo Bhava" Sri Krishnan gave a very cute example

We have to offer what we like to God, but what we offer to the Guru has to be what the Guru likes. You have to ensure that you do not give the Guru something that he does not like.

Thirukkannapuram Temple
Thirumangai Azhwar fell in love with Thirukkannapuram Perumal and requested a flamingo (Naarai - நாரை) to go as a messenger to Perumal to inform Azhvar's love for Him. When the Naarai agrees to go as a messenger, it becomes Azhwar's Guru, so Azhwar has to offer the Guru what the Guru likes. The Naarai asks him, “If I go as a messenger what will you give me?” Thirumangai Azhwar promptly replies, “I will catch a big fish and offer it to you” as fish is a flamingo's favourite food. It may sound very strange that how somebody as pious as the Azhwar can go fishing, but for the sake of Guru everything is allowed!


  1. Good one! The first part so much matches what Bhagavan has to say about relationship with one's parents. And I just loved the story about the flamingo playing Guru and being offered fish for his services. :)
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Lakshmi.I liked this post.Please continue posting such pieces