Thursday, September 23, 2010

Azhwars : Boothathazhwar

Boothathazhwar (பூதத்தாழ்வார்)

Boothathazhwar was born in Neelothbala flower in a Jasmine shrub in Mahabalipuram in the 7th century.

Star: Avittam
Day: Wednesday
Thithi: Navami
Month: Ipasi valarpirai
Amsam: Gadhayudham

Boothathazhwar’s mind was always on Mahavishnu’s feet. He was never interested in the worldly things and was always doing puja to Mahavishnu in his heart. In his hymns on the Lord he says that “even if I am offered the chance to rule the world, I will decline it and just wish to do prayers to my Lord every day!” Such was his Bhakti.

Boothathazhwar has sung hymns on the following temples:

→ Srirangam

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  1. Good One! Thanks for the gnyaan on Azhwars. Don't have much :)