Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eventful Tues day/night

Eventful Tues day/night

Last night around 11 pm (this is not a romantic blog!) I was sitting in the hall cutting vegetables for this morning and my husband was doing some office work. We had some good music on and the balcony doors were open. I suddenly saw something flying in my line of vision. It was too dark in colour to be a butterfly and too big for a moth. As the thing flew all over the hall, I covered my ears and shouted. From childhood out of fear that bees will go into the ears, I always cover my ears whenever any insect bigger than a housefly comes near. The thing settled down under the dining table after 2-3 rounds and my husband discovered that it was a bat. I could not make out much as it looked like a small black mass. I was quite shocked that a bat could come into the house as I have always been under the impression that bats go only to ancient, decapitated, smelly places. Though fascinated by the creature I was too scared to go nearby in case it flies on my face! After a few more rounds in our hall, the bat settled under the sofa. My husband brought a vessel from the kitchen and covered the bat with it, teasing me what my reaction will be incase the bat pushes the vessel and tries to come out of it! I finally went to sleep hoping the bat will vanish from under the vessel.
In the morning, I had forgotten the poor bat and my maid while sweeping the hall noticed the vessel. The moment she asked me about the vessel, I again screamed "Bat, Bat". My maid lifted the vessel and held the bat in her hand boldly. I could not resist taking a snap.

She put the bat on the floor and asked me to click again.

The poor fellow was very much alive but moved very slowly, maybe sleepy

Finally my maid dropped him on the plants on the ground floor level and I wished him good bye. I hope we dont meet again, my dear bat!


  1. Enjoyed the post. Good reading:):)

  2. La
    How is it possible
    some attraction
    What next?
    All the best

  3. Had a good laugh reading your post. the pic is too cute for words. great blog and what a hair-raising experience. I have had a couple of experiences with bats at our home too. So can well understand how you must have felt. :)