Monday, September 6, 2010

Temple Trails Tamil Nadu : Kakalur Anjaneyar

Kakalur Anjaneyar

The next temple we visited was Kakalur Anjaneyar. This was not in our schedule, but somebody had suggested this temple to the van driver. My heartfelt thanks to this person as it was worth a visit. On first sight, I felt the temple looked quite small, but the Anjaneyar inside was quite another story. The temple is a small structure with just one huge Anjaneyar deity in the sanctum. Anjaneyar here is facing sideways that you can see only one side of his face. Another unusual thing is that Anjaneyar here is holding a lotus in one of his hands.

Being a Saturday, the temple was packed and as soon as we entered, we had the opportunity to see the deity decked with vadaimalai. There must have been atleast 1008 vadais in the maalai. A few of us had bought tulasi maalais for the deity, but the Bhattars there said that it will take more than 30-40 minutes for them to remove the vadai maalas and then do the next set of alangaram for the Anjaneyar. We decided not to wait as we may get delayed for the next temple in our schedule. We did a few pradakshinams and were fortunate to get prasadams of puliyodarai and thayir saadam. We prayed once again to the huge Anjaneyar and proceeded to the next temple.


  1. Thanks.It would be helpful if you give details of place,its location,on which road,distance from Chennai,landmarks to reach the temple and the timings when the temple is open

  2. Very cute picture and cuter writeup. Hanuman is usually found in this posture in the north of India. You might remember the Hanumar koil at sion. :)

  3. Excellent article !! Please give the direction of this temple from Chennai.