Sunday, September 19, 2010

Temple Trails Tamil Nadu : Rameswaram Temple

Rameswaram Temple

This was one of my briefest visits to the Rameswaram Temple and I consoled myself that I had been here on my earlier trips and had good darshan many times. We could find time to visit the temple only the day before the wedding for which we had been to Rameswaram. Hence this is more of a picture blog of the photos I was allowed to take in the temple more than actual description.

The size of the South Indian temples never fails to zap me and Rameswaram tops the list! We walked on the ever wet floor due to people having bath in the various theerthams at the temple and reached the Ganapathi sannidhi. It was very crowded as it was Vinayaga Chaturthi day. We then went inside and I was staring at the pillars and the huge nandhi like a village  bumpkin. 


 The main sannidhi was so crowded that we could just glimpse the Siva Lingam. – Ramanatha Swamy and Ambal Parvathavardhini sannidhi was very calm and less crowded and we could have a leisurely darshan there. We also prayed at the Kalyana Sundareswarar  sannidhi and came out to see the Anjaneyar. This Anjaneyar always fascinates me by the fact that the lower half of his body is always immersed in sea and only the upper half is visible for our darshan. This completed my shortest trip to this BIG temple. 

Evening though the wedding jaanavasam took place right here, there was no time to visit the sannidhis but only to click a few snaps!


  1. Thanks for a glimpse of the great temple.Haven't visited it.

  2. Beauuuuutiful! I felt as if I am walking along those long long passages. Superb pictures and great post. Love you for it! :)

  3. I remember having gone to Rameswaram some 35 years back and your photos have brought back those old memories. I remember having taken bath in all the wells around the temple and taken bath in the sea before entering the main temple with wet cloths!

  4. As usual excellent photographs & yes i too recollected our visit to the great shrine 30 yrs back when my in laws completed their Kasi yatra,we were nearly 25 members of our family,it was a memorable trip,infact that was my second trip!Thanks Lakshmi.Love.

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