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Meeting of the first three Azhwars

Meeting of the first three Azhwars

The first three azhwars viz., Poigai Azhwar, Boothathazhwar and Peyaazhwar belonged to the same period. All of them were visiting different temples singing the praise of the Lord. The Lord decided that they meet each other. The three of them were in Thirukovilur and had visited the temple during the day. Dusk fell and it was raining heavily. Poigai Ahzwar reached a house nearby and requested for shelter. He was offered a room to rest. Next Boothathazhwar came to the same house and asked for shelter. He was informed that there was space for one person to lie down and two persons to sit and was asked to stay in the same room as Poigai Azhwar. It was so dark that the Azhwars could not see each other. A little later, Peyaazhwar came in and the house owner said the three people will have space to stand and allowed him inside. As the three of them were standing together and discussing about the darshan of Trivikraman they had had earlier, they could feel a fourth person between them.

With their wisdom, the Azhwars realised that it was the Lord who had come to stand between them and sang his praise.

Poigai Azhwar sang thus:

வையம் தகளியா வார்கடலே நெய்யாக
வெய்ய  கதிரோன்  விளக்காக   செய்ய 
சுடராழி  யானடிக்கே  சூட்டினேன்  சொன்மாலை
இடராழி  நீக்குகவே   என்று

“With this world as lamp, the ocean as ghee, the sun as fire, I light this lamp and  sing this garland of verses in HIS praise.”


அன்பே தகளியா ஆர்வமே நெய்யாக
இன்புருகு   சிந்தை இடுதிரியா நன்புருகி  
ஞான சுடர்விளக்கு ஏற்றினேன் நாரணற்கு
ஞான தமிழ்புரிந்த நான்     

“With love as lamp, passion as ghee, my intelligence as wick, I light this gnana lamp (lamp of wisdom) for Narayanan and dedicate myself to the service of the Lord by singing HIS praise.”


திருக்கண்டேன் பொன்மேனி கண்டேன் திகழும்
அருக்கன் அணிநிறமும் கண்டேன் செருக்கிளரும்
பொன்னாழி கண்டேன் புரிசங்கம் கைக்கண்டேன்
என்னாழி வண்ணன்பால் இன்று

Peyaazhwar describes the Lord as he sees him in the light of the lamps lit by Poigai Azhwar and Boothathazhwar.
“I see the golden form of the Lord  along  with  Mahalakshmi , the magnificent Lord is here in the colour of the blue sea, with the sangu (conch) in one hand and chakra (discus) in the other."

Thus the Lord made the three azhwars meet , gave darshan to them and made them sing    the first three thiruvandhadhis.


  1. Wonderful.How blessed are the alwars and how blessed are you in depicting their stories for readers' benefit.Thanks a lot

  2. This one I love. I like magic and miracles and man meeting God. Lucky Azhwars to have God amidst them. And thank you for posting this story.

  3. Wonderful! We Kalki devotees are experiencing every minute all the great Gods in various forms like the Azhwars only. The others who are not experiencing this cannot understand and cannot believe too because of 2 reasons. (1) because it is not their own experience and secondly (2) we are too ordinary people who never did anything great like the azhwars; we are not even having the great bhakti of these great azhwars; we are like all others and we are also very worldly. Though we are not great in any way and are the still same people with all the rubbish inside us, the God has become all the more great by revealing Himself to a few small people like us. Always at the lotus feet of Lord Shiva and Vishnu,