Monday, January 17, 2011

Book Fair 2011

Book Fair 2011

This is one fair I have been trying to go to for the past few years, but could succeed only this year.

Just before leaving for the fair, I checked out a few reviews on the net where it said that it is quite crowded on all days. Hence mentally I prepared myself for a rush, but was pleasantly surprised! The crowd was very much there, but the school grounds are so huge that it did not seem overcrowded. On the left side to the entrance, there was a dais and people were sitting in rows ready to hear a lecture by Mr. Satyaseelan. The right side was full of refreshment stalls. I went in through one of the 4-5 entrances and was zapped by the number of stalls! The stalls had mainly a variety of Tamizh books right from highly literary ones to pulp fiction! From what I could see, English books were mainly educational stuff and children’s books mostly with a very small collection of other varieties.

By the time I completed the row of stalls on either side of one line, I realized that it was more than half an hour since I entered! I just had time to browse through two or three such lines and managed to buy a few books for myself, my sister-in-law and her grandson in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. As I came out, I realised that I had not even covered 25% of the fair. Hope to visit this fair in a more leisurely fashion next year!

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