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Thiruppavai - Day 23

Thiruppavai - Day 23

Here Andal requests Kannan to get up and sit on his throne and listen to them

மாரி மலைமுழைஞ்சில் மன்னிக் கிடந்துறங்கும்
சீரிய சிங்கம் அறிவுற்றுத் தீவிழித்து,
வேரி மயிர்பொங்க எப்பாடும் பேர்ந்துதறி,
மூரி நிமிர்ந்து முழங்கிப் புறப்பட்டுப்
போதருமா போலே நீ பூவைப்பூவண்ணா! உன்
கோயில்நின் றிங்ஙனே போந்தருளிக் கோப்புடைய
சீரிய சிங்கா சனத்திருந்து யாம்வந்த
காரியம் ஆராய்ந் தருளேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

The lion resting in the mountain cave during rains, wakes up roaring with fiery eyes and comes out. You also come out of your resting place like the lion, sit on your throne and listen to our prayers and grant us our wishes, O, Kayampoo coloured Kanna.

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  1. The same meaning as Lakshmi has given is put differently by Sri K.V.Satagopan in his commenary
    "In this Paasuram , the Gopis describe the Majestic gait of KrishNa-simham . In the previous (angaNmA Gn~Alatthu ) paasuram , they announced their arrival at the foot of His cot and appealed to Him to wake up and look at them and inquire about their mission . He obliges. Here, they salute the gambhIra Nadai azhahu of that "YasOdhai iLam singam ". The "Suka Suptha Paranthapan" ( the blissfully resting scorcher of His enemies) has now arisen and the way in which He awakens-- like a Lion waking up in its cave during rainy season after a deep sleep-- is movingly captured by ANDAL in this Paasuram."

    Another interesting coincidence is the pasuram number 23.This again is found in the net
    "This is the 23rd paasuram . When you consider 23 as 2+3 , the sum is 5 . The fifth nakshathram is Mruga Seersham or the One who has the head of an animal (Nrusimhan). Although HayagrIvan , VarAhar have the heads of animals , according to Vedam ( mrugOrana Bheema: kuchara: giristha:) , the Mrugaseershan referred to here is thus Nrusimhan. The Paasuram is then about Narasimha Moorthy showing us the Maarga Seersahm ( Talai siRantha UpAyam), Prapatthi maargam for our salvation"