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Thiruppavai - Day 28

Thiruppavai - Day 28

Here Andal underlines the relationship between the Gopikas and the Lord

கறவைகள் பின்சென்று கானம் சேர்ந்துண்போம்;
அறிவொன்றும் இல்லாத ஆய்க்குலத்து  உன்தன்னைப்
பிறவி பெறுந்தனைப் புண்ணியம் யாம் உடையோம்;
குறைவொன்றும் இல்லாத கோவிந்தா! உன்தன்னோடு
உறவேல் நமக்கிங்  கொழிக்க ஒழியாது!
அறியாத பிள்ளைகளோம் அன்பினால் உன்றன்னைச்
சிறுபேர் அழைத்தனவும் சீறி அருளாதே,
இறைவா, நீ தாராய் பறையேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்

We go behind the grazing cattle to the woods and have our food there. We are really blessed to have you amidst us, unintelligent cowherds. Faultless Govinda, no one can break our relationship with You!  In our ignorance, we may have addressed you with simple names, please do not be angry with us for this, please grant us our wishes


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  1. I saw this interesting annotation of the word Govinda in Shri V,Rajagopalan's book on Tiruppavai.

    "Govindah-கோவிந்தா.This word 'Go' in Sanskrit has four meanings;Earth,Cows,Speech and Vedas.As the earth is the supporter of everything that is existing, He, who is the supporter of everything within the individual is called 'Govinda', He who is the protector of 'cows' and played the part of Gopala in Gokula, is the very controller of animal instincts and passions in the bosom of man; "one without whom no'speech' can ever emerge out of any throat.He being the very life in the creatures" says Kenopanishad(kena-1-4) and the highest speech is the declaration of Truth in Vedas.One who is to be known(Vid) through the declarations of Vedanta(Go)"