Friday, January 14, 2011

Thiruppavai - Day 30

 Thiruppavai - Day 30

வங்கக் கடல்கடைந்த மாதவனைக் கேசவனைத்
திங்கள் திருமுகத்துச் சேயிழையார் சென்றிறைஞ்சி
அங்கப் பறைகொண்ட ஆற்றை, அணிபுதுவைப்
பைங்கமலத் தண்தெரியல் பட்டர்பிரான் கோதை சொன்ன
சங்கத் தமிழ்மாலை முப்பதும் தப்பாமே
இங்கிப் பரிசுரைப்பார், ஈரிரண்டு மால்வரைத்தோள்
செங்கண் திருமுகத்துச் செல்வத் திருமாலால்
எங்கும் திருவருள்பெற் றின்புறுவ ரெம்பாவாய்

The story of how the Gopikas obtained the blessings of the Madhavan, Kesavan who churned the Thirupparkadal to give the divine nectar to the Devas was described by the daughter of Periyaazhwar, the lotus garland clad Andal, in thirty verses. One who recites these verses without fail will have the blessings of the broad shouldered, red eyed, handsome faced Thirumaal and will be happy forever!

The 30 verses of Thiruppavai ends today. Hope this simple direct translation, without the explanation of the inner meanings which are quite long has been a kind of introduction for people who are not familiar with Thiruppavai.

Special thanks to Mr.Parthasarathi for giving me the idea and Sundari for complete support!


  1. வங்கக் கடல்கடைந்த indicates not only the churning of the ocean but also 'the churning of one's life and experience' to realise true wisdom and the grace of God.
    Lakshmi,you have adorned your blog daily with the hymns of Andal explaining their meanings and enabled your readers to recite them.It is said 'that those who recite them completely shall obtain here and elsewhere, eternal happiness through the grace of MahaVishnu'
    Thank you so much Lakshmi and congratulations for your successful completion of a good job undertaken.May God bless you in several ways

  2. Congratulations Lakshmi! You have successfully completed explaining Thirupavai in lay man terms for the likes of me to understand easily. Kudos! A great job indeed :D